A fanboy or not?

Some could say I am a Sony fanboy. I’ve enjoyed their consoles from the start, I’ve had most fun with the games on their consoles. Well just about as fun as I had with the old Nintendo games. It was on Sony’s consoles I experienced JRPG for the first time, as a lot of people know that is my favorite genre. And now my dream about writing about games have come true since i joined PSSverige, again a very Sony specific site. And I guess it will be hard to convince people what I am not a fanboy. But I am going to admit that I really do like Sony, but that’s because their consoles had had the games I’ve wanted.
When I was younger I only had Nintendo consoles and their games where amazing! The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past still remains one of my childhood and adulthoods most favorite games. No one can take that from the game.

But yes, I guess I could be considered a fanboy. But not of consoles, instead of game series. I got an Xbox 360 almost entirely for Tales of Vesperia since I really needed to play that game. And then I played Blue Dragon too and I loved them and they where games that made me get a whole other console. But seriously I bought a whole new console that had just a few games that interested me, just to be able to play those games.
If the Xenosaga series would be revived as an Xbox One exclusive, well then I’m getting an Xbox One. Simple as that and right now, something like that is needed if I should consider buying their console. I still feel betrayed by Microsoft with all this DRM and all the restrictions they had. Yes, had. But I can’t trust them now.
And this reasoning is also why I’ll buy a new Wii U as soon as Nintendo releases X, so far together with the new Smash Bros. it’s the only games I want from Nintendo, but I guess that’ll change as soon as they show the new Zelda game.

The point I am trying to make is that I’ll get what ever console that will have the games I want, whether it be a Playstation, a Xbox or Wii U. But since I’ve been had a good run with Sony I’m going to jump at the chance and get a Playstation 4 at the release. The last console I got on a release was the GameCube and I love that machine, a shame a lot of other people didn’t.
I really don’t care if I get called fanboy or sometimes take a particular side in the “console war” if I do I often have good reasons too do so.
If I am a fanboy of anything it will be the Tales of-series and other JRPGs.

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