My thoughts of E3 2010

First out of the big three in this years E3 (perhaps they are first every year, I don’t know…). Either way, they where first out and they didn’t really have anything to show that made me excited. They had a whole bunch of games and stuff to show that had to do with Kinect. Ya, know. The camera “controller” that was called Natal before. But as I said there where really nothing that caught my interest a bit of a shame, well at least I’m really liking their redesign of the Xbox 360. It cools very cool and if it works better than the current consoles than that’s great!
I also thought Microsoft’s show was pretty boring, it felt very “stiff” somehow. Maybe its just an impression I got. Oh, yeah. I almost forgot the video that was shown of Metal Gear Solid: Rising was damn cool!

Well this was a pretty big surprise for me personally. I never thought I would be interested in something Nintendo would show. Don’t get my wrong I love Nintendo and I always will, but I haven’t really been interested in the stuff they’ve done for the past years. Don’t know why, but that’s how it was.
Anyway, I thought Nintendo had the best show. They showed a bunch of new stuff, like the new Legend of Zelda game. But the biggest and best thing on the show (IMO) was the unveiling of Nintendo 3DS, the successor to the DS. They showed a new Kid Icarus game that looks great! And they seem to be announcing things for the console the whole time. You’ll have to find out what for yourselves. I’m greatly interested in the 3DS.

The show I before hand was hoping to get the best things out of. Well, turns out I was dead wrong. There where almost nothing that interested me here. They talked a hell a lot about MOVE and didn’t really show anything new. Well… Portal 2 and Twisted Metal. But I care for neither, so I guess Heroes on The Move was the game that interested me the most together with The Sly Collection. Heroes on The Move seems to be an action/adventure game that finally puts some of Sony’s “mascots” in the same game, Jak, Ratchet and Sly all together with there sidekicks. And The Sly Collection is the three Sly Cooper games remastered for the PS3 in HD and 3D. I just feel disappointed I was hoping for a bit more.
The part where Kevin Butler enters, where pretty good.

So thanks for reading my thoughts of this years E3 with the big three. What did you think about it? What did you love and hate?

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  1. Well like you I’m most interested in Metal Gear Rising, the game mechanics of that game is just plain amazing. I’m not that into Kinect, I can’t see how it would appeal to the hardcore gamers out there, it feels too casual. Nintendo showed the new zelda game which looks good and will probably be pretty sweet once it’s released. Nintendo 3ds is pretty cool as well but handheld consoles is not my cup of tea.

    EA had some interesting things to show I think, Medal of Honor looks awesome, Dead Space 2 as well.

    Sony would probably be my favorite show, it was too long though. Portal 2 looks interesting I don’t care all that much about Twisted Metal. I am interested in the Move though so the Sorcerer game looks pretty interesting to me, can’t wait for some sweet action-adventure games featuring some nice sword combat.

    We did get to see the game I’ll probably work on, Motorstorm Apocalypse but it wasn’t presented it was just some footage in the the montages. Kevin Butler did a great job, I really love that character, they should really show off that guy more. =)

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