Star Ocean, Tales and Chronicles

For the past week I have been playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope International for the Playstation 3.
It was refreshing for me to play an RPG again, and it felt very good to have finished a game I started some time ago on the Xbox 360. But due to the red ring, never could finish. So having that of my backlog is great! The game is pretty okay, cheesy as hell and it has its clichés. But I enjoyed parts of if, but I’ll probably not replay it again.

And it seems I have a few RPG’s to look forward to. The two biggest ones for me are Xenoblade Chronicles and Tales of Graces F. Good thing I can borrow my friend ZX-Omega‘s Wii so I can play Xenoblade Chronicles in the future. But today Nintendo of Europe announced that both The Last Story and Pandoras Tower will be released i Europe. So that’s two more RPG’s I just need to have! If I can afford it later I guess I’ll try and buy my own Wii.
And I’m really hoping Namco Bandai can give us some English screenshots or a trailer of Tales of Graces F soon! And a release date! I’m so eagerly awaiting this game! But then again I am a big fan of the Tales of games and I really liked the Japanese demo of TOGF.

And I would like to be able to get around playing the RPG’s I’ve missed on Xbox 360. Games like
Blue Dragon, Magna Carta II, Lost Odyssey and of course finish Tales of Vesperia. Ughh… But we’ll see what happens, I’ve been thinking of getting a new Xbox 360 for some time now. With all other games coming out this year that I want I would hardly have the time to play everything, I’m having problems just finding the time right now. So it would be stupid to add to that. But I wanna…

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