E3 2013: Sony

I was going to make this post right after Sony’s event, but I was too damn tired. Tired but very pleased! While Microsoft seems to have made all the wrong decisions regarding its Xbox One console, Sony has made all the right ones. At least the right ones for us, the consumers in my opinion. I loved seeing this cocky Sony, really ridiculing Microsoft’s console. They have confirmed it will have no Online DRM, or any DRM for that matter. You can buy used games and share them with your friends just like you can today on the PS3 and the console will be region-free. Just just exactly as the PS3 there and for me those are all important stuff.
But that is not all! They won’t be repeating their 599dollars mistake with the Playstation 3, they will launch the console at 399$. Making it 100$ cheaper than the Xbox One.
For me Sony did everything right, well almost everything. They fell a bit on the finish line, but this time I’ll forgive it and actually pay up. But that is only due to all the other positive stuff about the PS4. Online multiplayer won’t be free anymore, you’ll need a Playstation Plus account in order to play online with your friends. Which is a damn shame, if that had been free then Sony would  have won flawlessly over Microsoft.

Yeah, sorry to sound like a fanboy. I am not, I like every console. I’m just so tired of all the “wrong” choices Microsoft seems to have made with he Xbox One.  Well then, let’s continue on to the games. As just about everyone expected Final Fantasy Versus XIII made it’s appearance and confirmation to be a PS4 game now, and as everyone (?) thought it has been renamed to Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix will also release Final Fantasy XIV on the PS4 also, so I might just check that game out later. But the biggest surprise was, Kingdom Hearts 3!! Hot damn! I did not expect that honestly, that was a great surprise.
Knack is looking like a nice little title and it will be a release game, so I might just get that. I am disappointed that Infamous: Second Son won’t be a release game, I really wanted that game with the console.

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  1. Fast forward to now, Square Enix will show case Final Fantasy 7 Remake in E3 2019, AND the demo will be available to download after the show in PS4.

    Can’t wait to play FF7 :-)

  2. @ Marcus Kay:
    It’s almost hard to imagine. Really hope it’s true with the demo and we weill be getting to download it under E3.
    Would be so damn awesome.

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