My winner of E3 2013

The big three has had their E3 conferences and now it’s time for me to decide my winner. But if you’ve read my previous posts, I think you can all guess who the winner is. But I’ve slept on it, decided to take in all the impressions and yeah, the winner is pretty clear. And a fair warning, there might be some harsh language so if you can’t handle that, stay away from this post.

– My winner of E3, they just seemed to hit all the right notes. While they didn’t show anything that I really felt like I needed to buy on the spot, but I am a bit interested in Knack. Other than that, it was just everything else. The energy and “fighting spirit” they seemed to have and pulling all the right cards for consumers. Like no online DRM, you can lend and buy used games and a price of 399dollars. BOOOM! That made it for me, but there are of course other stuff I am waiting for. Like Infamous Second Son, I loved the two other Infamous games and I need this one, hope its just as fun. And then there was the announcement of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 was awesome! And not to forget Metal Gear Solid V, damn it looks incredible! The three games mentioned are also coming to Xbox One. Which for me was together with some of Nintendo’s announcements the big game bombs for me.

– While I thought Nintendo’s E3 Direct was boring, they did have some stuff I truly enjoyed. And that’s what snagged them a second place in this listing.
What I would have loved to see was a price-drop of the Wii U, more third party support. Which seems it’s getting less and less of… I am fearing a GameCube 2.0 here. A great machine that just about nobody but Nintendo themselves are supporting, I hope I’m just paranoid. And things will be better once more and better games are out. Like the new Super Smash Brothers and X, god I want those two games. I could easily see myself getting a new Wii U just for those games alone..

– Yes, they came in last for me. It just seems like they did everything wrong, really screwing the consumer over. I really enjoy Xbox 360 and think it’s a great console, but with Xbox One they’ve really fucked up. There was nothing of interest shown at their E3 meeting, at least nothing that interested me. And I’m getting really sick of their attitude towards people. Some site interviewed Don Mattrick after E3 and asked him about what people without an internet connection should do? The solution, buy the Xbox 360 it’s an offline machine… So basically telling everyone with a crappy or limited internet connection to go fuck themselves if they want to play next gen… No company should treat their costumers like this, they should really rethink their whole Xbox One policies. Without all the stupid shit they are pulling with the console it would probably be great.

Who did you think won and why? Do you agree or disagree with me? Come on and post then people, I know you are a couple of people who reads this I’d like to have some form of discussion with you! So don’t be shy now, I want to hear what you think.

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  1. I think Sony did everything right. Perhaps the console could’ve looked better, but it’s still better than the VHS from the 80’s that MS presented. :P
    Nintendo keeps being Nintendo, they go their own way. And why wouldn’t they? They have a strong lineup with original games that won’t come to any other console, like Pokémon, Zelda, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Super Mario and so on. That makes a brand strong.

    I’m sort of excited about Final Fantasy XV, I’m glad they decided to go that way with Versus XIII, since it’s been SEVEN YEARS since they announced the game. My god…
    It’s also nice that the PS4 will be relatively cheap, but that’s a given, as it’s a PC now.

    I look forward to many games, particularly Bravely Default (which I haven’t heard anything about on E3, did I miss it?) and Tales of Xillia.

  2. @ Lania:
    I myself really like the design of the PS4, I like that it’s so little compared to the XBone.

    Yeah, Nintendo being Nintendo is a bit trickier for me. They have really great games, if they didn’t they wouldn’t survive. But they need more than their own games and so far we haven’t seen a very great third party support. I really hope that changes to, since I still love Nintendo and hope for the best.

    I don’t think they talked anything about Bravely Default, that would have been a great game to show and Nintendo’s E3 Direct.

    And about FFXV I think it’s great they changed the name also, so they don’t have to be associated with FFXIII. Since its despised, it’s better to change the name and not let people think it a part of the FFXIII series.

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