Tales of Vesperia, eat my artes!

Just finished the second RPG of this year, Tales of Vesperia. Sure, I had played most of the game early last year. And finally got around to finish it now, that I had a working Xbox 360 to play it on. And boy I really do love the Tales of series. Probably one of my favorite RPG series right now, if I must be honest.
So I’m really looking forward to the Playstation 3 release of Tales of Graces F now! And speaking of PS3 is it such a shame that Namco Bandai didn’t release an English version of the PS3 version for Tales of Vesperia. I want my KOS-MOS costume on Judith, goddamn it!!
So if I find a Japanese/Asian copy of the game cheap sometime, I’m gonna buy it. Yeah, I’ll buy it for just such a simple reason…

Anyway… I loved this game very much, the characters, music, the world. Just about everything. I think my biggest complaint about the game is the last part of the game and the last boss. I wasn’t feeling any of it, so yeah that might be just me. But I thought that whole part of the game was pretty weak. I had hoped for a tad more. Just to be clear it does in no way make the game any less, fun or good. This is just what I think anyway. And if you have a way to play this game, I can highly recommend it.
Probably one of the best RPG’s I’ve played this generation, if not my favorite so far.

I’m not going to go much deeper into the game than this, experience it for yourself if you can. And I hope you’ll buy future Tales of games, so we can get more of them translated. I’m really crossing my fingers and hoping we can get Tales of Xillia localized in English at some point. Hopefully Tales of Graces F will sell well enough for Namco Bandai, so they’ll consider it…

I’ll be taking a little break from gaming now, there are stuff that I need to do in my life right now. Like study to get better and be able to more on my job. Mostly it’s just that, so sadly that will have to take up all my game time right now. If I was better at studying I could perhaps do both, but as I am right now I want to give 100% focus on my work. Its only for three weeks or some, I can hold on. I can also play some older unfinished games at weekends, so its not like I am taking a whole vaccination from gaming. But when I get back, sometime in the beginning of February I hope to be able to play Soul Calibur V. I’ll still make my posts here as usual.

2 responses on Tales of Vesperia, eat my artes!

  1. Du är stark du dood, som kan bestämma dig för att göra studier och enbart studier. Starkare än mig för det har jag aldrig lyckats göra. Snygg jädra bakgrund du har här nu, gjort själv? Awesome är den.

  2. @ Kristoffer:
    Får ju hoppas man kan hålla sig till det också. Är inte lätt det kan jag lova, men jag måste tyvärr. Spel är ju ett sådant stor del av mitt liv och tar mycket tid, så tyvärr måste jag tvinga mig att hålla mig borta. Rör sig inte om så lång tid heller, så det ska väl inte vara så svårt.
    Typ själv plågeri, men som sagt jag måste. Jag vill klara studierna… =(

    Tackar! Ja, jag ville ha något personligare som bakgrund. Så slängde ihopa något snabbt, för ett tag sedan i photoshop. Ska väl göra något annat sedan.

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