Xenoblade is great!

I have been playing Xenoblade Chronicles just about nonstop the last few days. It has been really hard to put the controller down, I just want to continue. A shame I couldn’t start playing it at the beginning of my vacation instead of the end of it.

I am heading to Prison Island now, can’t wait to see what events unfold and I hope I get to kick a certain Mechon’s ass real hard now. I had some problems getting to Prison Island, I was a bit under-leveled so I was having a hard time with some enemies. But after a power level session, I was back for revenge! I just saved and quite right at the entrance of Prison Island so I have no idea what kind of beasts and monsters await me. Too bad I have to get some sleep for work, otherwise I’d still be playing.

Love the game so far, the settings are big and beautiful. The cast is likable and Dunban is “Citan” of this game. So awesome. The music is fantastic and I love the voice acting. I’m not always into British voice acting, but in Xenoblade it is so damn good! Gah! I want to play more… Hopefully tomorrows workday goes by quick and I’ll be home playing again.

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  1. I’m so happy you finally started to play this AWESOME game! :D:D:D:D Such good times. :’) But I guess you stopped playing it for Tales of Xillia 2?

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