Scott Pilgrim and the late online mode

I’m a fan of Scott Pilgrim, I like the comic, I like the game and lo and behold, the movie! The only bad thing in the movie IMO, is Michael Cera, I do not enjoy him as Scott at all. But then again, I am not a fan of Michael Cera and I’ve never liked him. While his roll as Scott is probably the only roll I like him in, I would have preferred if someone else had played the roll of Scott.

Well enough of that. This post is about the game, the downloadable game you can get from Playstation Network or Xbox Live. You know, the Scott Pilgrim game. Yeah, that game. You know what game I’m talking about. Well now two years after its initial release it will finally be updated with an online patch, so you can play with your friends online. Yeah, cool.
A feature I would have loved to seen in the game from the start, but I’m glad that it’s coming. I really like this game, I think its one of the better beat ’em up games since the original SNES version of Turtles i Time. And the music, mm! So good! Yeah, I am definitely looking forward to this patch. It’s unclear if it will be a paid DLC with and extra character as of now. Since the update will release at the same time as an extra character, Wallace. You know the awesome gay roommate of Scott. Seems like this will go for about 5dollars, which I’ll gladly pay for online. If we now have to pay to get the online mode. And I hope some of my friends will too, I want to play this game more with you.

PSN is back again!

Thank god! After what has seemed like an eternity, I finally received my password for my Playstation Network account. And I can finally log into it again! Happy days are here again!
So the first thing I’m gonna go when I get home from work today is start playing Ar Tonelico Qoga again.

Just look how happily Miyamae Kanako from Maria†Holic is dancing! You go girl! I am just as happy as you are right now! (Wish I was a chibi anime character too)
So now I’m gonna get ready for work, let the trophies sync which I hope will be done before I have to leave. If not I’ll just finish later. But goddamn it feels good as hell that I can access my PSN account again.
Yesterday was a very crappy day, I wish I had never gone out of bed. But today, yes today will be a really good day. I feel it in my entire body!

Won’t be online much

Our internet conection is not working as it should, so I can’t go online. Just wanted to share that information with some of my friends I can’t get in touch with. So now you know, why I might be absent from the net for a while. No idea when it will work again. Writing this from an internet cafe, well if you want to get in contact call me. You who have my cellphone number use it! ;)

Playing for 10hours straight

Today something happened that almost ever happens. I played for about 10hours straight today. I fought I’d try the New Games Plus  mode on White Knight Chronicles. Almost at the end of the game again, since I’m at a very high level already combined with I can skip cut-scenes, its moving along very fast.

But then I decided to see if I could play a bit online. And it actually worked pretty decent. So I’ve spent a few hours there with my friends Elden & Ezakiel. And a new American buddy Jonny. What can I say, we all really connected. I thought so at least. He is a great guy with the same kind of humor as we got, it was almost a bit frightening. But thanks to all of you, I would have needed that yesterday.
I was not feeling well then. That others on MSN might have understood. Sorry about that, hope you didn’t feel like I was ignoring you or stuff. But I’m glad I had so much fun today, we’ll see if Final Fantasy XIII will arrive today (Monday) or later in the week. If it doesn’t arrive then WKC will be running hot in my Playstation 3.

Fun times at night

Well late yesterday night (Friday) I had absolutely nothing to do. My computer had given up again, but it seemed for good this time. I had no movies to watch and no one was online to play White Knight Chronicles with me. It was a very saddening an boring night. Probably the worst day/night of the year so far. So it ended with me being so bored out of my skull and felt a bit depressed that I went to bed really early. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d rather it go to bed early because I’m tired not that I am so bored that I don’t know what to do!

Saturday was so much better since we got the computer working again and I played a hell of a lot of WKC online today, so it was very fun.
About 6-7hours was spent on the game today I think. We just said goodbye to each other just a couple of minutes ago. So I’m really gonna rest up now on Sunday, have to do some work that I shall hand in on a meeting I shall go to on Monday. A bit stupid to save most of the worst for the last day perhaps, but yeah shit happens.
And when I wake and have fixed the work I have, I’ll probably play some more WKC.

Lineage II is pretty good.

Today I got the chance to test Lineage II.
I’ve been wanting to do that for sometime now. It was pretty good.
I really like the character design in the game. This is what my character looks like now, I think she is sexy and cool.
She is called Meria. What level am I? Naaaa… I’m not telling you that!

And so here we are just 9 more days left until Xenosaga III is released. And hopefully I will have the game 3days later. I usually do get my games 3days later after ordering them from VG+. So I do hope its just as fast this time! Just click the picture for a bigger image.