Fun times at night

Well late yesterday night (Friday) I had absolutely nothing to do. My computer had given up again, but it seemed for good this time. I had no movies to watch and no one was online to play White Knight Chronicles with me. It was a very saddening an boring night. Probably the worst day/night of the year so far. So it ended with me being so bored out of my skull and felt a bit depressed that I went to bed really early. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d rather it go to bed early because I’m tired not that I am so bored that I don’t know what to do!

Saturday was so much better since we got the computer working again and I played a hell of a lot of WKC online today, so it was very fun.
About 6-7hours was spent on the game today I think. We just said goodbye to each other just a couple of minutes ago. So I’m really gonna rest up now on Sunday, have to do some work that I shall hand in on a meeting I shall go to on Monday. A bit stupid to save most of the worst for the last day perhaps, but yeah shit happens.
And when I wake and have fixed the work I have, I’ll probably play some more WKC.

About my computer…

As I posted earlier my computer was starting to freak out on me again. So tired of this piece of shit. Well anyway my father got it running again without it turning itself of. Apparently there where massive glitches in the hard-drive, you could just touch it a tiny bit and it would die. So he replaced it with some old one he had lying around. The problem with this one is that its very slow. It takes time to copy something to the computer or copy to it. So I’m wondering, where can I find a new one cheap online? Since my computer is a bit older I can only have IDE 3,5 hard-drives.
So does anyone know of a Swedish online store that sells them cheap? I don’t care about the size of the HDD, I just need a new and cheap HDD.

I will build a new computer in the future, but that is when I have the cash to do so. And that’s way into the future for my part. so I have to make use of what I’ve got until then. Unless I can get something for my birthday in October, well that’s still all in the distant future. For now I would be very grateful if I could find a cheap new HDD. Thanks, hope I’ll get some answers for this question. Would greatly appreciate it.

EDIT: Apparently its not only the old hard-drive that was broken. Today I started to have the same troubles with the the replacement HDD I’m using. I’m starting to think the motherbord is giving up. Piece of junk! Well people can ignore this post then, since getting a brand new HDD won’t make it better… Guess I’ve got to try and save up on some cash to get a new computer. *sigh*

Feeling sick and got computer problems…

I’ve been playing a bit of White Knight Chronicles for the PS3 the last couple of days. A really good game, I’ve had some trouble with enjoying in the last two days. Not because the game is bad or anything, I just think I’m getting sick. I have no energy or will to play. Its pretty frustrating and the fact I haven’t been feeling all that well. So its mostly been watching TV and sitting by my computer.

And speaking of computers, I’m fairly sure mine is done for now. It gets warm faster and just shuts down when ever the hell it wants. But its to be expected, its about 8-9 years old this year. And the previous owner didn’t take good care of it.
So I can hardly do a thing on it anymore, before it shuts down and I have to restart it. So no more photoshop or movie making for me… And I’ve said it before I won’t spend a penny on this computer anymore. I’ve already payed enough.

I’m hoping I can find some cheap crap to replace this one for now, just until I can build my own new computer. My family was probably going to help me with that, but its still like 5 months into the future. I just need something that I can use for that amount of time. But its not the easiest of things to find, not for what I can afford right now.

Computer update!

Some update on the computer problem. It seems my father, managed to get my computer to work again. God I’m so happy about that. At least I can do some work on it again. The hard drive was totally wasted, so nothing to save. Sadly.
Well at least it works again, which I’m very happy about. As I’ve already mentioned. Now I just got a bunch of programs to reinstall.

Fragile life…

It seems I’ll be getting a new or at least newer computer tomorrow. So I can get of this piece of shit I’m sitting on now. God its crap. But I’m at least glad I had it so I could be on the internet. And it seems like me and my sister will trade rooms.
Right now I have a room on the bottom floor of the house, but will eventually get her room on the upperfloor. Why, well its cooler on the upperfloor. I can be alone more, get more privacy. Mostly because of those things and the room is a bit better constructed I have better place ment for my stuff.

The following stuff is mostly directed to another person, so you don’t have to pay much attention to that.

[ And once again my friend (you know who you are) I am truly sorry for both you and your family and what you are going thru right now. No one knew it would be this bad. And I can’t stop crying. But no matter what, contact me if you need me! I’ll help you and be there for you as much as I can, I really hope after knowing eachother for soon 15years you know that. Don’t take all the pain alone, I to share your pain. Not nearly as enought as you feel. But still both me and the others will always be there. You have my whole family behind you. As I said before, contact me when every you feel like it, no matter what the time is. If you need to talk, I’ll listen. ]