Scott Pilgrim is back!

I’m so freaking happy right now. The Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is going to be rereleased! With the nifty title Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition. It will include the two DLC characters Knives and Wallace.

I do speak very highly of this game and a bit like a rabbid fanboy, this game isn’t a masterpiece, there are games out there that are better. But I just enjoyed this game so freaking much. To Paul Robertsons fantastic spritework to Anamanaguchi wonderfull music. I’m just happy I can play this on another format than my PlayStation 3.

So it will be released sometime this holiday, I’m still keeping my fingerscrossed that Ubisoft will release a physical edition this time. I’m gonna buy it for both PlayStation 4 and Switch. Yes, I’m crazy. But I’ve begged for this game to get a port for what seems like ages, time to put my money where my mouth is.

Scott Pilgrim and the late online mode

I’m a fan of Scott Pilgrim, I like the comic, I like the game and lo and behold, the movie! The only bad thing in the movie IMO, is Michael Cera, I do not enjoy him as Scott at all. But then again, I am not a fan of Michael Cera and I’ve never liked him. While his roll as Scott is probably the only roll I like him in, I would have preferred if someone else had played the roll of Scott.

Well enough of that. This post is about the game, the downloadable game you can get from Playstation Network or Xbox Live. You know, the Scott Pilgrim game. Yeah, that game. You know what game I’m talking about. Well now two years after its initial release it will finally be updated with an online patch, so you can play with your friends online. Yeah, cool.
A feature I would have loved to seen in the game from the start, but I’m glad that it’s coming. I really like this game, I think its one of the better beat ’em up games since the original SNES version of Turtles i Time. And the music, mm! So good! Yeah, I am definitely looking forward to this patch. It’s unclear if it will be a paid DLC with and extra character as of now. Since the update will release at the same time as an extra character, Wallace. You know the awesome gay roommate of Scott. Seems like this will go for about 5dollars, which I’ll gladly pay for online. If we now have to pay to get the online mode. And I hope some of my friends will too, I want to play this game more with you.

Snow way!?!

Yeah, you see what I did there. Funny, haha! Anyway, I really got myself a shocker when I left my apartment this morning… It had snows and quite a bit too, I can’t remember that there’s ever been snow in October before. Well not so near my birthday at least! So yeah, big surprise!

Its almost been two weeks since Kntheking and Seraphim was at my place, I thought it was a blast! I really enjoyed it, too bad it didn’t last longer. One of the best days I’ve had this year, yeah they really are easily counted. We didn’t do all that much, mostly talked about games. And it enjoyed it tremendously, beats the crap out of talking on msn! Hope it won’t take another year until we can met again and hopefully I can take a trip up to Stockholm.

And next Wednesday its time to grow one year older, yay! Actually looking forward to it a bit, well perhaps not the getting older part. But I’m gonna have a movie weekend and a small (very small!) party for me. I and hopefully two other friends are going to go watch Scott Pilgrim, we’ve been wanting to see it for sometime. Gonna be a bit exciting and see if anything special happens next week, I doubt it. But who knows?