Fun times at night

Well late yesterday night (Friday) I had absolutely nothing to do. My computer had given up again, but it seemed for good this time. I had no movies to watch and no one was online to play White Knight Chronicles with me. It was a very saddening an boring night. Probably the worst day/night of the year so far. So it ended with me being so bored out of my skull and felt a bit depressed that I went to bed really early. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d rather it go to bed early because I’m tired not that I am so bored that I don’t know what to do!

Saturday was so much better since we got the computer working again and I played a hell of a lot of WKC online today, so it was very fun.
About 6-7hours was spent on the game today I think. We just said goodbye to each other just a couple of minutes ago. So I’m really gonna rest up now on Sunday, have to do some work that I shall hand in on a meeting I shall go to on Monday. A bit stupid to save most of the worst for the last day perhaps, but yeah shit happens.
And when I wake and have fixed the work I have, I’ll probably play some more WKC.

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