Playing for 10hours straight

Today something happened that almost ever happens. I played for about 10hours straight today. I fought I’d try the New Games Plus  mode on White Knight Chronicles. Almost at the end of the game again, since I’m at a very high level already combined with I can skip cut-scenes, its moving along very fast.

But then I decided to see if I could play a bit online. And it actually worked pretty decent. So I’ve spent a few hours there with my friends Elden & Ezakiel. And a new American buddy Jonny. What can I say, we all really connected. I thought so at least. He is a great guy with the same kind of humor as we got, it was almost a bit frightening. But thanks to all of you, I would have needed that yesterday.
I was not feeling well then. That others on MSN might have understood. Sorry about that, hope you didn’t feel like I was ignoring you or stuff. But I’m glad I had so much fun today, we’ll see if Final Fantasy XIII will arrive today (Monday) or later in the week. If it doesn’t arrive then WKC will be running hot in my Playstation 3.

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