PSN is back again!

Thank god! After what has seemed like an eternity, I finally received my password for my Playstation Network account. And I can finally log into it again! Happy days are here again!
So the first thing I’m gonna go when I get home from work today is start playing Ar Tonelico Qoga again.

Just look how happily Miyamae Kanako from Maria†Holic is dancing! You go girl! I am just as happy as you are right now! (Wish I was a chibi anime character too)
So now I’m gonna get ready for work, let the trophies sync which I hope will be done before I have to leave. If not I’ll just finish later. But goddamn it feels good as hell that I can access my PSN account again.
Yesterday was a very crappy day, I wish I had never gone out of bed. But today, yes today will be a really good day. I feel it in my entire body!

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