Äntligen har jag fått tag på…

Hehe, kanske inte så viktigt egentligen. Men för mig är detta rätt stort, detta är ett spel jag länge velat ha. Men tack vare hur situationen sett ut i det förflutna med inga pengar och tvungen att sälja spel man hade. Så trodde jag detta var mest önsketänkande, men ack! Så blev det inte och det är jag oerhört glad över!
Tales of Destiny till PlayStation 1 finns numera i min samling. :D

Nu saknas det bara ett spel till i serien så har jag alla engelska releaser av Tales of-spelen. Det känns riktigt bra och kul faktiskt! Trodde aldrig jag skulle få ha detta i mitt samling, då det är lite sällsynt och dyrt. Så båda Lunar-spelen i bra skick tillsammans med Tales of Destiny är spel jag aldrig trodde jag skulle få, är så oerhört glad över det. Nästan skuttar av glädje. Hehe.
Då är det bara att spara undan pengar och få tag på Tales of Destiny 2 (Tales of Eternia) till PlayStation 1 nu också, så är det bara bra.

Tales of Destiny PS1 vs PS2

So I’ve slowly started playing Tales of Destiny for the the PlayStation 1, I haven’t played it much before. So I was hoping I could play through it before Tales of Zestiria comes out, but that will probably not happen. Mostly because I will probably not have much time to play, but I’ll try to get at least one hour in there each day. Perhaps if I don’t wait until I can play the fan-translated PS2 version.

I’ve just played the intro bit of the game, got Dymlos, met Garr and that. And that’s when I decided to open my Japanese copy of Tales of Destiny for the PlayStation 2. Just to check out what’s different. A bit of me wish I didn’t, because I’m going to have a hard time returning to the original version now.
I played to the exact same spot in the PS2 version and it was like day and night. Not that the PS1 version is bad, it’s just the PS2 version is much approved on!
The battles are way better and they’ve skipped the usage of TP, instead they use the CC system like in Graces. And I’m a much bigger fan of that than being limited to a certain amount of TP. The game has skits, something the original sadly does not.
The battles system and what I could see was vastly improved upon, hard to say how much when I just played so little. But enough to really question me to continue with the PS1 version.

Tales of Destiny [PlayStation 1] Tales of Destiny [PlayStation 2]

After playing the PS2 version I got really sad that Bandai Namco never released them in west, but I sure hope they can release a collection with both Tales of Destiny games on it.
They don’t have to dub it (thought it would be nice), but just translate it and give it too us. Much like they did with Tales of Hearts R.
Now I’m just eagerly awaiting the fan-translation and hope it will be finished in the not to distant future. I really want to play the game and understand what’s going on.
Don’t take this the wrong way, but the original PlayStation game is still nice and I am going to play it. But after the PS2 version I’m just not as eager, I’d rather way a while and play the definitve version of the game and focus on other games right now.

I finally have Lunar

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete was the JRPG that made me fall in love with JRPG, until I played that one I was actually a bit hateful to the whole genre. Hehe, sweet irony that its just about the only genre that gives me incredible satisfaction. I first played this game around 1999/2000 and was hooked immediately, it grabbed my heart early on and has yet to let go.
And it was thanks to a friend I had at that time, who let me borrow the game. Or rather he forced it on me and I was not very excited about playing it. But that quickly changed. And now years and years later, I finally have the game myself. I can hardly believe it, its my early birthday present to myself. The best one I’ve ever given myself and one that will be cherished for a long, long time. I am so very happy.

A rare(?) jem + Xenosaga figurines!

Last week I went to my local EB Games/Gamestop as I usually do.
Checked out their collection of PS1 games. I usually do that too, in hope of finding some good games. And this time I actually got lucky!
I found The Legend of Dragoon for 79SEK (about 11.50$). So I was happy I’ve been wanting to play this game for a long time. I played it when it was new, but never finished it and I’ve always liked its battle system. So hopefully I’m going to start playing it today.
Good thing my little brother still had his PSOne or I would have been screwed. >.<
Too bad the controllers a bit… Fucked up… Anybody have a cheap Ps1 DS controller or a PS2 controller they want to sell cheap?
(Guess not. ^^)

Other than that I’ve just been watching anime, well not nearly as much as I did before. I’ve really lost the will to do anything, since my PS3 got destroyed. Slowly building up the money for a new one… Urg… If I’m really lucky (hahaha) I might be able to get a new one in November or December. I’m at least hoping for a new one by the end of the year… A shame that so many other things I wanted to do will suffer from this blow. Why can’t I just win the fucking lottery? Then all my problems would disappear in an instant. It would have been so wonderfull.

EDIT: Woho! Apparently the Xenosaga figurines I ordered from Play-Asia last week has arrived today! Can’t wait until I get home to check which figures I got. I just ordered 3, so I’m hoping KOS-MOS v3KOS-MOS v4 is in this pack. I just need them and KOS-MOS ep2 swimsuit and I have all of KOS-MOS versions. =D
Will update later with pictures!

EDIT 2: …. I got three MOMO figures. Not one fucking KOS-MOS figure! That has to be some record in something. I’m sad now. =(

Cleaning Frenzy

Thanks to the weather being the way I want it to be today, cloudy (no sun, woho) and a bit chilly. I finally took the liberty to do a big cleaning on my room. Dusted everything I have. And there was a lot of dust! >.<
But now everything is cleaned and it feels so good. I also moved some furniture around the room. So I have a bit more space now, not that I need it. Its just nice to have it.

Other than that, its been very quitet. Nothing much has happened. I'm going on a "studiebesök" on Lernia the 20th this month. So after that I'm pretty sure I'm going to start my education on becoming a welder. Perhaps not the ideal job I've wanted. But if I can get a job and get cash, I'm ready to do it. If I get a job as a welder when my education is finished, I hope I'll be able to move to my own place about a year after that.

I'm going to start playing Vagrant Story for the PS1 later tonight, so I hope that game is good. I've played a little of it before. But I don't know what to make of it… I'd rather play something else, but it will have to do. Hopefully I'll like it more when I play it.
Well at least I hope it will keep me settled untill Metal Gear Solid 4 arrives. After that I don't have anytime to spend on any other game. Oh, Snake!