A rare(?) jem + Xenosaga figurines!

Last week I went to my local EB Games/Gamestop as I usually do.
Checked out their collection of PS1 games. I usually do that too, in hope of finding some good games. And this time I actually got lucky!
I found The Legend of Dragoon for 79SEK (about 11.50$). So I was happy I’ve been wanting to play this game for a long time. I played it when it was new, but never finished it and I’ve always liked its battle system. So hopefully I’m going to start playing it today.
Good thing my little brother still had his PSOne or I would have been screwed. >.<
Too bad the controllers a bit… Fucked up… Anybody have a cheap Ps1 DS controller or a PS2 controller they want to sell cheap?
(Guess not. ^^)

Other than that I’ve just been watching anime, well not nearly as much as I did before. I’ve really lost the will to do anything, since my PS3 got destroyed. Slowly building up the money for a new one… Urg… If I’m really lucky (hahaha) I might be able to get a new one in November or December. I’m at least hoping for a new one by the end of the year… A shame that so many other things I wanted to do will suffer from this blow. Why can’t I just win the fucking lottery? Then all my problems would disappear in an instant. It would have been so wonderfull.

EDIT: Woho! Apparently the Xenosaga figurines I ordered from Play-Asia last week has arrived today! Can’t wait until I get home to check which figures I got. I just ordered 3, so I’m hoping KOS-MOS v3KOS-MOS v4 is in this pack. I just need them and KOS-MOS ep2 swimsuit and I have all of KOS-MOS versions. =D
Will update later with pictures!

EDIT 2: …. I got three MOMO figures. Not one fucking KOS-MOS figure! That has to be some record in something. I’m sad now. =(

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