Cleaning Frenzy

Thanks to the weather being the way I want it to be today, cloudy (no sun, woho) and a bit chilly. I finally took the liberty to do a big cleaning on my room. Dusted everything I have. And there was a lot of dust! >.<
But now everything is cleaned and it feels so good. I also moved some furniture around the room. So I have a bit more space now, not that I need it. Its just nice to have it.

Other than that, its been very quitet. Nothing much has happened. I'm going on a "studiebesök" on Lernia the 20th this month. So after that I'm pretty sure I'm going to start my education on becoming a welder. Perhaps not the ideal job I've wanted. But if I can get a job and get cash, I'm ready to do it. If I get a job as a welder when my education is finished, I hope I'll be able to move to my own place about a year after that.

I'm going to start playing Vagrant Story for the PS1 later tonight, so I hope that game is good. I've played a little of it before. But I don't know what to make of it… I'd rather play something else, but it will have to do. Hopefully I'll like it more when I play it.
Well at least I hope it will keep me settled untill Metal Gear Solid 4 arrives. After that I don't have anytime to spend on any other game. Oh, Snake!

6 responses on Cleaning Frenzy

  1. I never did fancy Vagrant Story either, but I would like to complete it. I wish you luck with the game! :D
    And nice to have your room cleaned too! I need to clean some here. But I don’t know when that will be.

  2. Its so hard to start playing a game when you have nothing you really like about it.
    Music is pretty okay. ;)
    But I mean besides that. And i’m to lazy to replay the bigger RPGs. otherwise I would have replayed Grandia 1. Oh, the charcters, the story and the music! I love you Noriyuki Iwadare! <3

  3. Sadly that is so true. Even if there are a ton of old games I’ve played I rarely replay them.
    Castlevania Symphony of the Night & Zelda a Link To The Past, being about the only exceptions.
    Think I’ve replayed those games around 10-12 times know.

  4. Hehe. Yeah, perhaps way to many times. XD
    I actually got the urge to replay Zelda ALTTP today. But I’ll save that for another time. ^^

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