So much to do! And so much to be done!

Damn, I’m almost at the end of my third vacation day and I’ve already done so much. And I still have a few stuff planned for this week. Tomorrow I am going to help a friend buy some cleaning tools for his apartment and check if the last owner really cleaned the apartment like they should have. Then on Friday I’m going to meet another one of my friends, that I hardly spend anytime with. Saturday is also booked by other various things. And on Sunday me and two other friends are going to go watch Pacific Rim! My most anticipated movie of the year! Hopefully it will be awesome, it will be glorious.

And then I am really going to take it easy next week, I really need that. And then next Friday (9th), it is finally time for me to get my hands on Tales of Xillia!! YES!!! I’m turning of my phone and will shut myself in that day. I’m just going out to pick up my preorder and then rush back home and then it’s playtime! For now I have taken a bit of a break from my Playstation 3 and are playing a bit in my 3DS and right now I am playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.
A pretty fun game so far. I think this so far is the perfect balance for me, Sony and Nintendo. I got most of what I want from them.

Hopefully my review copy of Saints Row IV will arrive soon and then I’ll be busy with that. But right now life really feels great. It feels really good, right now, today. Hopefully it will feel just as good tomorrow and the day after that. I really am starting to enjoy life, with all it’s quirks and shits. It could be worse and it has been worse, it’s time to focus on the good stuff and try to leave the ugly past behind. That is much easier said than done, mind you. But at least it feels like I have the power to be able to get away from it a bit. And that my friends feels fantastic!

And I’ll leave you all with a song I’ve been listening non-stop to for the last couple of days! Enjoy!

Goodbye Näsby! For good now!

Now I can leave my old apartment and Näsby behind me forever! Had the cleaning inspection today and it passed without any hitched, everything was great according to them. So that feels really good to hear, thanks all my friends who helped there. Otherwise I would have had to spend my entire weekend cleaning all by myself. We’ll I’ve given them the keys to the apartment, so I am officially free from it now. It feels like I’m free from the stuff that has tormented me for sometime, not everything. But I’m getting there, this is a great big start and the last post I’ll make about this whole Näsby crap and moving too. So no more bitching about it! Yay! =)

Now I’m gonna get back to my gaming! I’m thinking about starting Dante’s Inferno or continuing with Mass Effect 2, not sure what I want to do. Or I’ll just continue with ME2 and play Rune Factory Oceans when it arrives, hopefully by the end of the week. Either way I gotta play something until then.

I’ve seen a few movies too since last time. I saw Dark Shadows on cinema with my friends Hans, Anders and Marija. I liked that movie very much, both funny and good amount of seriousness. It was also my first Tim Burton movie I’ve watched in a cinema. And the next cinema visit will be when we see Prometheus in little more than a week, really looking forward to that one too.
I’ll post more stuff later, now I’m gonna enjoy this day since it I am free from work. So I’ll have to make the best of it and then back to work tomorrow. See ya all!

Cleaning Frenzy

Thanks to the weather being the way I want it to be today, cloudy (no sun, woho) and a bit chilly. I finally took the liberty to do a big cleaning on my room. Dusted everything I have. And there was a lot of dust! >.<
But now everything is cleaned and it feels so good. I also moved some furniture around the room. So I have a bit more space now, not that I need it. Its just nice to have it.

Other than that, its been very quitet. Nothing much has happened. I'm going on a "studiebesök" on Lernia the 20th this month. So after that I'm pretty sure I'm going to start my education on becoming a welder. Perhaps not the ideal job I've wanted. But if I can get a job and get cash, I'm ready to do it. If I get a job as a welder when my education is finished, I hope I'll be able to move to my own place about a year after that.

I'm going to start playing Vagrant Story for the PS1 later tonight, so I hope that game is good. I've played a little of it before. But I don't know what to make of it… I'd rather play something else, but it will have to do. Hopefully I'll like it more when I play it.
Well at least I hope it will keep me settled untill Metal Gear Solid 4 arrives. After that I don't have anytime to spend on any other game. Oh, Snake!