En random uppdatering

Det var ett tag sedan man bara gjorde ett inlägg om lite allt möjlig. Inte för att det har hänt så mycket sedan sist, men det är väl två stora saker som hänt.
Har varit inne på sjukhuset igen för smärtor, vilket visade sig vara fler njurstenar.
Dock så tog det inte ett år denna gången för att få en lösning, så det är ju bra åtminstone. Men tyvärr har det ju gjort att jag än en gång tappat orken att hålla kontakten med folk uppe. Hoppas ni verkligen kan förlåta mig, ni som jag inte haft så bra kontakt med på senare tid. Depression och orken har varit i botten med det mesta, så det har inte funnits någon ork eller lust till något. Jag vill bara att ni ska veta att jag inte skiter i er. Jag har även hunnit fylla år, så nu är man 33år gammal. Men som vanligt så känner man sig inte äldre eller klokare för den delen heller. Men skaffade mig en egen liten present i alla fall, något jag velat ha länge!! Nämligen Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete till PlayStation 1. Musik CDn saknas, men jag har lyckats få tag på den på annat håll, så när den kommer är det helt komplett! <3

Har varit och sett Doctor Strange, som var riktigt bra! Psykedelisk om inget annat! Benedict Cumberbatch var riktigt bra som Stephen Strange och detta var ytterligare en bra Marvel film. Tack vare denna filmen så är nu magi och det övernaturliga/mystiska introducerat i filmuniversumet. Nu längtat man att få se Spider-Man: Homecoming och Thor 3: Ragnarok. Annars var detta mitt sista biobesök för i år, tror inte det blir något mer besök innan Power Rangers har premiär eller möjligen Beauty and the Beast liveaction filmen.

Har inte haft mycket ork för spel sedan en tid tillbaka, vilket alltid är tråkigt att man hamnar i ett sådant läge. Men hoppas man börjar återhämta sig nu, började nämligen spela Batman: Arkham Asylum till PlayStation 4 igår och det har känts väldigt kul att spela igen! Behövde väl mer eller mindre bara hitta rätt spel att spela. Väldigt kul att återvända till det efter besvikelsen Arkham Knight. Asylum är så mycket roligare i min mening, synd bara att de inte gjorde den PS4 port av Arkham Origins som jag är väldigt förtjust i. Trots sina buggar, men spelet har bäst design på skurkarna.
Så det blir att spela klart detta, så får man ju se hur det går med spel där emellan. Eller om det blir en liten paus igen fram tills Final Fantasy VX. Nästa vecka byter jag dock in min PlayStation 4 mot en PlayStation 4 Pro.

Lunar SSH, not what I hoped…

I’ve been playing RPGs now since 1999 and it all started with Lunar Silver Star Story for Playstation 1. I have said this a thousand times, that it was my very first jrpg. And love at first sight, everything was so new to me and it felt great. I had a very hard time at that point in my life, I didn’t know if I wanted to continue living… It was bad, but Lunar SSSC changed that for a bit. I found the adventures that jrpg had to be most filling, at least filling a part if me that continued to cary on. So the Lunar series helped me with some of my problems, so it is indeed a very important game for me.

That is why I am mostly dissapointed with the PSP remake, that came out a couple of years ago. I think ut was also released on IOS fairly recently. I was sad from the start that Gaijin Works (used to be Working Designs) had nothing to do with this new English translation. It really missed all the good stuff, the new voiceactors are trrible in their roles. And I do like the voiceactors, very much so. But not for the characters or Lunar, I feel like they are missing their soul, or something like that.
The PSP version is too easy, I’ve never had any trouble getting through the game. And I did it fast to, it tiok me 22hours… Now this could just have been because the PS1 game was my first jrpg, but it took me 61hours to complete. And I was about 20-30levels higher than I was when facing the last boss in the Ps1 version and I still had problems with him. While I was around level 44 now and beat him with ease.
This can be me having gained more experience in the genre, but I was so dissapointed with the clear time and how easy the boss fell. Now I only feel sad, I do not like this remake. And now I am afraid to play the PS1 version again, I rather have my memory of it being the game I love, than it ending up dissapointing me.

Maybe I have outgrown the series, maybe its just a really crappy remake. Maybe the PS1 version is equally as bad? I honestly don’t want to think so and I don’t want to find out. I’ll keep the warm memory of the game untarnished and continue to love it like I used to. I’m not picking up the PSP version again at least.
Ahh… I really needed to clear my head from all these thoughts.

I finally have Lunar

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete was the JRPG that made me fall in love with JRPG, until I played that one I was actually a bit hateful to the whole genre. Hehe, sweet irony that its just about the only genre that gives me incredible satisfaction. I first played this game around 1999/2000 and was hooked immediately, it grabbed my heart early on and has yet to let go.
And it was thanks to a friend I had at that time, who let me borrow the game. Or rather he forced it on me and I was not very excited about playing it. But that quickly changed. And now years and years later, I finally have the game myself. I can hardly believe it, its my early birthday present to myself. The best one I’ve ever given myself and one that will be cherished for a long, long time. I am so very happy.

How my love for JRPGs started

I like a verity of different genres. Actions, stealth, & platform genres was always a big interest for me. But there was always something genres that I hated. I’ve never liked FPS, sport or driving games and one of the genres I hated the most where RPGs.I tried a bunch of different sorts of RPG’s but none of them where good. Then some friends and just about everyone else started going nuts over the newly released
Final Fantasy VII
. So I tried it and of course… I did not enjoy it one bit and with that I decided to give the genre a rest, I was done! I just hated it.Now we are in the middle of 1999 and I hadn’t touched an RPG, but I had grown a bigger interest in anime. And had gotten the chance to see the anime series

Magic Knights Rayearth. It was a show that was very influenced by RPG and fantasy. So I started to watch it and grew to like the series more and more. I also felt a stronger urge to try some RPGs again and I got the chance later when I got a friend to lend me Lunar Silver Star Story Complete for the Playstation 1.

An old love

I check some of my old, very old mp3 cd. And found the soundtrack for Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete. I then started to remember how much I love that soundtrack. I can honestly say this is one of those soundtracks that I love really much, I used to listen to it all the time in the past. I guess this was my first videogame soundtrack love. And I still love it today. Get filled with all the emotions I feeled when I played the game. Same when I listen to Lunar Silver Star Story Complete soundtrack too. While I do like many other game soundtracks, there are none other than the Lunar games soundtrack that can stir up emotions for me.
Well not emotions like this. I must get the games in my collection I just must.

Do you have a game, soundtrack or anything else that brings out emotions like this for you? If so tell me. I would like to hear.

Letter meme

Comment and I’ll give you a letter. You have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. After that, post this in your journal, and give out some letters of your own. (I was a little late to make this, so sorry. ^^ I won’t be giving the one who game me a letter a new, letter. So please come on other people, comment!) =)

I got the letter “L” from nordiclania. Here I go!!
(Wow, this was hard. Thinking of stuff that starts with an L that I like.)

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
One of the first RPG’s I tried and fell in love with. So its a very important game to me.
Without it I would probably never had started to play RPGs.

The person who gave me this letter and challenge. =)
An important friend. Even if we haven’t meet I take great pride in people who want to be my friends, even if its only on the internet.
I’v always had trouble getting friends when I was little and don’t have a lot of friends today. So I love every friend I have.

Salt likerish, yummy! :D

You just have to love life. Sure, I’m not to fond of it always.
But just do your best and live life to your fullest.

Of course this has to be here! Where else am I going to post all my ramblings?!

Yeah, Link. You know the boy with the pointy ears from the Legend of Zelda games.
A Link To The Past being my favorit Zelda game, so that Link need to be on this list!

Lion King
One of Disneys absolute best movies ever! I’ve loved this movie since the first time I saw it.
I actually saw it again about a week ago. :D

Little Nicky
One of my favorite moves with Adam Sandler. (sorry, was getting desperare here) ^_^;

Live Messenger
A bad thing to put on the list perhaps. But I need it to keep in contact with some of my friends.

Making lists, don’t we all love it! :D