Beaten games 2015: Part 2

So I thought I was going to make a little list of the games I’ve beaten so far this year and write a little something about them. I will list ten games on this list at a time, that way the list won’t be to long and I can perhaps write a little more about certain games, not sure I will though since this, will just reflect some simple thoughts about the games. If anyone wants to know more of what I think of a game, I can write in the comments. The dates by the name is the date I beat the game.

11: Final Fantasy Type 0 HD [ 2015-04-21 ]
I was really looking forward to play a more mature FF game, and I think I got what I wanted. It had a few surprises that I liked, but I think having 14 different characters to play from hurt the game a bit. There wasn’t any real characters focus, which I was a bit disappointed with. All in all an okay game.

12: Shovel Knight [ 2015-04-26 ]
I’ve waited a long time to play Shovel Knight and when I finally had the chance it was awesome! I was really smitten with the game and I still think it is my favorite game I’ve played so far this year. Yeah, I liked it that much.

13: The Order 1886 [ 2015-05-03 ]
It wasn’t a fantastic game, but it isn’t as bad as I kept hearing it was. It was enjoyable for what it was, as long as you don’t expect to be blown away. A bit short and perhaps to many cutscenes, and one of the best looking games I’ve played.

14: Hyrule Warriors [ 2015-05-12 ]
Now this is just god old fun. Even if the Dynasty Warriors concept can get a little bit boring, it was great fun. Really dig the designs for the characters in this game. Zelda is so lovely. You like hack n slash, you gotta try this.

15: Final Fantasy X HD [ 2015-06-16 ]
This is the second time in my life I’ve played FFX. I haven’t played it since it was released for the PS2, the game still holds up. But I’ve really grown tired of random encounters, there where way more in this game than I remembered. But as I said the game holds up and it was great revisiting Spira.

16: Batman: Arkham Knight [ 2015-07-01 ]
One of the games I was looking forward to most this year, it sort of lived up to what I had hoped. I like the game, but the batmobile takes way much space from everything else. I can’t go into more detail without spoiling, but those of you who played it know what I mean, hopefully. All in all it was a good game.

17: Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut [ 2015-07-07 ]
I had been craving a more classic platformer and Shantae came to the rescue. Short, but very enjoyable. I’m already looking forward to 1½ Genie Hero.

18: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood [ 2015-07-08 ]
Prequel to The New Order and I just had to play it since I liked the other one. Every bit as good as the TNO with a really nice twist in the game. I might start to enjoy FPS more after these games.

19: DmC: Devil May Cry – Definitive Edition [ 2015-07-12 ]
I played this game originally on the PS3 and I really liked this game, so I had to get the Definitive Edition. I’ve enjoyed this game very much, both times I’ve played it. Give it a chance if you can.

20: Onechanbara Z2: Chaos [ 2015-08-03 ]
The 20th game I’ve beaten this year. Not quite sure what I think of the game, I liked parts of it and it was a pretty okay action game, standard hack ‘n slash. I’ll have to think on this a bit to see what my final verdict on the game is. For now it was a nice game to play thought, but I’m not sure it was worth buying.

Devil May Cry 4, finished!

And with that tone, another Playstation 3 game was cleared. I’m not a fan of the DMC series, and I probably never will be. The character are cool but, I don’t know…
There is just something I don’t like. Can’t put my finger on it. :S
I’d much rather play the PS2 Castlevania games, I think they are much better.
OMG! Don’t blast me for saying that now folks! *puts up flame shield*

DMC4 is a good game. But I’m glad I could borrow it. I would have been dissapointed if I had bought it. Tomorrow I’m going to give Assassins Creed a try. I borrowed that game to from a friend.
So I’m hoping that will live up to my expectations, I sure hope it does. >.<
And soon Its time for Disagea 3. Yay! I’m hoping to push more playing of Wild Arms 1 in here somewhere too. I hope I get the time. If not, oh, well. There will be other chances.

I tried the Star Wars Force unleashed demo. Its was pretty fun. Throwing people around using the force. Ah, its priceless. I will probably get this game sometime in the distant future.
Well thanks for listening to my ramblings as always. You guys are the best. <3

Not so creative

I’ve been playing some Wild ARMS as I said I would! Not very much, but still something. Feels like I need to level up some more. But at least its a pretty good game. Other than that I’ve borrowed Devil May Cry 4 & Assassins Creed from my friend ZX-Omega. So I’m playing DMC4 right now, its pretty good.
Not to into that series but I though I would give it a try.
I’m mostly waiting for Disgaea 3 to be released and shipped.
Can’t wait to get my hands on it. And see if a certain thing that I think will happen with a certain friend does indeed happen…

Well other than that I’ve been watching a bunch of animes, since I’ve been sick.
I played more Soul Calibur 4, but then got rid of it. It was dissapointing. I might be getting it again when its cheap, but right now for full price, its not worth it IMO.
Well its thank to I got rid if SC4 that I can get Disgaea 3, which is a much more important game for me.
And I desperatly want to make a new video. I just don’t know of what! I’m thinking about making something new with Xenosaga, but then again with what song?! I hate when you want/feel that you are creative and you come up with nothing. Bah.

Loadings, DMC4 tävling…

Swedish only folks.
Loading hade en tävling där man kunde vinna ett exemplar av samlar utgåvan av Devil May Cry 4 till antingen Playstation 3 eller Xbox 360. Man skulle skicka in ett “manus” till dom, där man skrev om slutet på DMC3. Att Dante ska möta Kirby. Jaja, ni fattar. Jag tävlade, men vann inte. Wee, så oväntat. Så jag tänkte lägga upp den jag skickade in, har inte kollat den för felstavningar och sådant så jag inte orkat, så ni får ta den som den är.