Devil May Cry 4, finished!

And with that tone, another Playstation 3 game was cleared. I’m not a fan of the DMC series, and I probably never will be. The character are cool but, I don’t know…
There is just something I don’t like. Can’t put my finger on it. :S
I’d much rather play the PS2 Castlevania games, I think they are much better.
OMG! Don’t blast me for saying that now folks! *puts up flame shield*

DMC4 is a good game. But I’m glad I could borrow it. I would have been dissapointed if I had bought it. Tomorrow I’m going to give Assassins Creed a try. I borrowed that game to from a friend.
So I’m hoping that will live up to my expectations, I sure hope it does. >.<
And soon Its time for Disagea 3. Yay! I’m hoping to push more playing of Wild Arms 1 in here somewhere too. I hope I get the time. If not, oh, well. There will be other chances.

I tried the Star Wars Force unleashed demo. Its was pretty fun. Throwing people around using the force. Ah, its priceless. I will probably get this game sometime in the distant future.
Well thanks for listening to my ramblings as always. You guys are the best. <3

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  1. Assassin’s Creed is cool but sadly very repetitive. Anyway I liked it, it was enjoying and the story pretty interesting, so I hope you’ll have a good time with it :)

    I can’t agree with you that the 3D Castlevania games are better than DMC4, I will always think that Castlevania should be in 2D. Please Sony make a 2D sequel to Symphony of the Night for 360 and PS3!! :D


  2. Nice!
    Finished as in “just complete it on the easymode god damnit” or finished as in “omg im da pr0 haxz at da game, done every mission on the hardest setting!” ? ;)

    Disgaea 3 yeah, I would better hurry my ass up with Wild ARMs 5 before it arrives wouldn’t I!

  3. Just completing the game on easy. ;) I would be raped, over and over again if I played on hard. T-T
    Yeah, perhaps you should. Hopefully It arrives on friday next week. *crossing my fingers*

  4. OMG, don’t tell me that you will start YET another game if Disgaea 3 arrives next week?! *evil stare*
    Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to sit with WA5 in my lap and pet it cause it will be so sad if it’s not completed. :( ;_; T_T


  5. W00t! You’re really good at completing games.
    Why am I not playing WA2 right now?! T_T
    *blames hunger, fatigue and that her apartment is a mess and she should clean it*

  6. Hehe, well I have to complete some games now.
    Feels like it was ages since I really cleared something.
    Well its better to take care of your hunger and fatigue than playing. =)

  7. Heh, well I didn’t really do that either. I ate muffins for dinner. :/ I made them myself, but still. Sucks. I have no money to buy food, so I just take whatever I can find in my cabinets. Oh, here comes Monday with a just “OK” paycheck. We’ll see how long it lasts. :P
    Dammit, I should’ve gamed tonight. I better do it tomorrow, otherwise you are allowed to kick me.

  8. Yeah, I know how much its suck to be without money so you can’t even buy food.
    Its terrible. But at least you ate something! Even if its muffin.
    Hope I get som cash to next week. Sadly I have to spend cash on a goddamn buscard so I can get to school. Damn I hate that!
    Oh no, I would never kick you. if I did that, something terrible would happen. >_>

  9. Eh? What is the horrible thing that would happen if you’d kick me? O_o You don’t have to kick very hard, just a little nudge so I’ll get over to my TV to game. ;) But I hope I’ll be able to stay away from my computer tomorrow. I guess I’m sitting here so much listening to game music, just because of my new “högtalare”. Damn, forgot the English word. XD

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