Anime: Tales of The Abyss

This anime is based on Bandai Namco’s game with the same name. Which is one great game, if  I do say so myself.. Without a doubt this is the best anime based on a Tales of game. Both the Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia animes, where to short. And a lot of material was scraped from them. Both ToP & ToS only had four episodes each to tell there story on. As you can guess, its not enough.
But it is said that ToS will get 4 additional episodes, that will show the Tethe’alla side of the story. And of course. They have an anime based on Tales of Eternia too. It has 12-13 episodes. At least its better than four episodes. But only 2-3 of those episode follow the games, after that it takes a turn for something new.
New story, new enemies and of course new allies. So I was a bit dissapointed.

And then we have Tales of the Abyss. Finally Bandai Namco did a whole lot of stuff right with this anime. One of the smartest thinsg they did with the anime was to keep the game’s intro song Karma, by Bump of Chicken.
The series is 26 episodes long. Which I see as the best part of all. And so far, the anime has followed the game very closely. No new characters, no extra comedy parts added, no trying to make the story better parts either. And I like that they aren’t changeing anything to the story of adding stuff. A bunch of videogames that turns into anime change a few things and I almost always hate that. For some this could be a pretty boring anime, since it follows the game very closely. Its the anime that has stayed most faithful to its videogame conuterpart. That I’ve seen at least.

I’m not going to go much deeper into ToTA anime, if you haven’t played the game but want to. Wait with the anime. If you don’t care about the game, but want to know what its about. Go ahead. And I think everyone who liked the game should watch the anime.
Sure it might not bring anything new to the table, but I’lm just glad I’m able to see Jade in action again. It has also been confirmed that the newest game Tales of Vesperia is getting an anime movie. I really hope I get to play the game before that one is released. I’m also hoping if Tales of The Abyss anime is ever released in the US, that they use the voiceactors from the game. If they do, I will buy this anime.

Anime to come

As I said in my last post, I’m thinking of starting to write about the animes I’ve seen. And I think I’ll be doing that. Starting with
Tales of Abyss. But it will come later. The texts won’t be long, just to give you a bit of a taste of what to expect. Here are also the following series, I’m going to watch in the future, check them out. They might intresst you. Or not! Who knows?

Fullmetal Alchemist – This is a restart from the old FMA anime.
This one is said to follow the manga more. If it turns out to be just as good and perhaps even better than the last FMA anime, then this will be one of the best animes I’ve ever seen. Premiers April 5th.

Tears to Tiara – An fantasy anime, based of a RPG for the Playstation 3.
The game features some hentai moments. But none of those will be in the anime.
At least that was the last I’ve heard. Premiers April 5th.

Valkyria Chronicles – A fictive fantasy twist on worldwar 1. Where a small country is attacked by the large empire to feel their own greedy needs. This anime is based on a SEGAs, Playstation 3 RPG with the same name. I’m really looking forward to see what this anime will bring to VC table. Premiers April 4th.

Well this is all for now. Hope some one out there will be a bit intressted in this at least. Also four days left now until Resident Evil 5 is released.
Hope it turns out good.

OMG new AMV!

So its been 10 months since I last did a real AMV. A bit scary to think of… 10 months has gone by lightning fast… Well anyway my new AMV is a Final Fantasy VII AMV. With clips from Final Fantasy VII Last Order. And the music used comes from BUMP OF CHICKEN and the song from them is Karma. The Tales of Abyss opening. Enjoy everyone!

Anime blowout

I’ve been searching for a whole lot of jobs as always, I’m going to apply for some courses on Lernia and hopefully that might lead to something. At least give me some form of economical help for a while. I’m sick and tired of being poor and always get rejected from the jobs I’ve applied to. So I’ll see what the’ll say tomorrow…. *keeping my fingers crossed*
Wow! I’ve been watching a hell of a lot of anime, the past weeks. From something I’ve had lying at home and some other series I’ve been wanting to see for sometime, but just have ignored. For some reason I don’t know… -_-;

I’ve been watching Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and its sequal
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s. I’m a sucker for these Sailor Moon types of series. And I should be, since Sailor Moon is the anime series that made me like anime. Well I hope I can get ahold of the third and last season of Nanoha, called Strikers.
Then I’ve watched everything. And I’ve enjoyed the series so far, I really want to see it to the end. And I was going to watch Rozen Maiden, some strange series about dolls or something. I’ve heard that many people like it, but it didn’t work in my dvd. So, I’ll have to wait to watch it. But instead I’ve been starting to watch Code Geass. Never thought I would like it, but I feel like I’m hooked on the series and I’m already awaiting season 2. =)

Other than that, I haven’t done very much. Its been boring as hell. Nobody has come to visit…. Well that’s nothing unsual. So no need to think about that.
I need to play more Final Fantasy XII. I have been neglecting it for a while. Only playing about 20minutes each day. Well that’s because I’ve been watching so much anime…
So I’ll have to get a little better at that. And I’m hoping to have a surprise by the end of this month of the beginning of the next… Well more like that is a big WHAT IF. So we will just have to see.. ^^

Nightwish Rockin’ AMV & VG

Finally! I’ve completed my newest AMV. This time its a mixed video. Containing both anime and videogame scenes. (actually a good combo, if I say so myself)
I wanted to do this since I heard Nightwish newest song “Bye Bye Beautiful”.
And not getting the idea out of the head, I made the video. Just hope people will like it. Or at least that people will comment on it…

Shining Tears X Wind

When the land End Earth is facing destruction, Soul Bladers from another world shall come and save them. Soul Bladers are people who can draw a soul sword out of a person that trust/likes him.

Souma, Kiriya, Saionji, Hiruda, Kureha & Seena. All people from the same school and they are all close friends. They get summoned to end Earth. Souma & Kureha gets sent to one country on End Eart, Kiriya & Seena to a different country. Saionji & Hiruda are also sent to a different country. And all three countries are in battle with each other. Old friends become new enemies. But all countries are fighting because they think they can save the world. Soon they will meet a common enemy.

Really sounds like something from an RPG, right? A bit cliché to, no? So I’ve been following the anime Shining Tears X Wind, for some time. And i finally saw the two last episodes today. If I have understood correctly its a continuation of the game Shining Tears, with the Shining Wind characters. Well at least characters from both games are in it. And its a fantasy anime.

The visuals of the anime is pretty good. Sometimes it looks like crap and minor characters are not very detailed. Other than that, Taka Tony’s artwork turned out great in anime form. Taka Tony is the character designer for the games. Love his art, BTW. Usually when I watch an anime, the ending almost always seems to let me down. But in Shining Tears X Wind, I like the ending very much.
Its was a good ending. And I felt as nothing was left unexplained. Well some things maybe, but I still liked this ending than most other anime’s.

Well the anime was pretty good. Far from a masterpiece. But then again I think its hard to find good fantasy anime. Even if you might get turned of by my big RPG cliché intro text, give it a chance. As I said its not a masterpiece anime, but its only 13 episodes long. And if you don’t have anything to watch, why not?

7/10. And one of the better Fantasy anime’s I’ve seen.

Anime time!

So I’ve been watching Girls Bravo. An ecchi comedy anime. The first season was pretty good. It had some ecchi without going overboard. But in the 2nd season it was all about tits! Sure, some might thing that’s a good thing…
But when its the only that seems to matter in an anime I just get sick of it.

Hey, let’s give all the girls much bouncier boobs, and it will be a huge success!“.
Yeah, that pretty much wraps up how I think the producers thought about the 2nd season. So I’ll give that anime 5/10. And that is thanks to the 1st season.
So I’d ratter recommend DearS if you want an ecchi anime, that is both good and never goes overboard.


Well now I’m going to watch an anime series I’ve been wanting to watch forever! Keroro Gunso. I’ve seen 4 episodes before and I really liked it. We Pekoponians must beware Keroro, he will own us all!