Anime blowout

I’ve been searching for a whole lot of jobs as always, I’m going to apply for some courses on Lernia and hopefully that might lead to something. At least give me some form of economical help for a while. I’m sick and tired of being poor and always get rejected from the jobs I’ve applied to. So I’ll see what the’ll say tomorrow…. *keeping my fingers crossed*
Wow! I’ve been watching a hell of a lot of anime, the past weeks. From something I’ve had lying at home and some other series I’ve been wanting to see for sometime, but just have ignored. For some reason I don’t know… -_-;

I’ve been watching Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and its sequal
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s. I’m a sucker for these Sailor Moon types of series. And I should be, since Sailor Moon is the anime series that made me like anime. Well I hope I can get ahold of the third and last season of Nanoha, called Strikers.
Then I’ve watched everything. And I’ve enjoyed the series so far, I really want to see it to the end. And I was going to watch Rozen Maiden, some strange series about dolls or something. I’ve heard that many people like it, but it didn’t work in my dvd. So, I’ll have to wait to watch it. But instead I’ve been starting to watch Code Geass. Never thought I would like it, but I feel like I’m hooked on the series and I’m already awaiting season 2. =)

Other than that, I haven’t done very much. Its been boring as hell. Nobody has come to visit…. Well that’s nothing unsual. So no need to think about that.
I need to play more Final Fantasy XII. I have been neglecting it for a while. Only playing about 20minutes each day. Well that’s because I’ve been watching so much anime…
So I’ll have to get a little better at that. And I’m hoping to have a surprise by the end of this month of the beginning of the next… Well more like that is a big WHAT IF. So we will just have to see.. ^^

5 responses on Anime blowout

  1. Thank you. I hope it goes well. ^^
    Haha, no I can promise you that’s not the case. Fo some stupid reason I always go to the computer and si on the internet for a few hours instead of playing.
    Don’t know why I’m so stupid. Always happens. >.<

  2. It sucks. :( I have developed a hate towards computers. I’m pretty sure its thanks to them I’m not as active on gaming as I used to be. They are evil, they suck everything out of you.
    But still you can’t live without them. :(
    Well if I don’t play anything tonight it will be tomorrow. ^^

  3. I totally agree!
    You hate them and love them at the same time. Like now. I’m supposed to brush my teeth and then go to bed and read Harry Potter 5. And I really wanna read! But I’m sitting here instead. >_< WTF?! Oki, I'm logging off now. ;)
    See you around and happy gaming. :D

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