So under the time I was away from the Internet I decided to watch CLANNAD, since I’ve heard so much about it. And I must say I really took a liking to the series. I watched a bunch of episodes after another, and I couldn’t stop. I really enjoy this kind of series. So if people have any more tips on series that are similar please tell me. I’m soon going to start watching CLANNAD After Story. The second season of the show. I’m hoping it will turn out to be just as good. I might write down what I thought of the entire show once I’ve seen the second season too.

Fragile life…

It seems I’ll be getting a new or at least newer computer tomorrow. So I can get of this piece of shit I’m sitting on now. God its crap. But I’m at least glad I had it so I could be on the internet. And it seems like me and my sister will trade rooms.
Right now I have a room on the bottom floor of the house, but will eventually get her room on the upperfloor. Why, well its cooler on the upperfloor. I can be alone more, get more privacy. Mostly because of those things and the room is a bit better constructed I have better place ment for my stuff.

The following stuff is mostly directed to another person, so you don’t have to pay much attention to that.

[ And once again my friend (you know who you are) I am truly sorry for both you and your family and what you are going thru right now. No one knew it would be this bad. And I can’t stop crying. But no matter what, contact me if you need me! I’ll help you and be there for you as much as I can, I really hope after knowing eachother for soon 15years you know that. Don’t take all the pain alone, I to share your pain. Not nearly as enought as you feel. But still both me and the others will always be there. You have my whole family behind you. As I said before, contact me when every you feel like it, no matter what the time is. If you need to talk, I’ll listen. ]

Finished the game..

And so my dear friends… The greatest saga of them all has come to an end. I finished Xenosaga Episode III, right now. And I’m filled with all sorts of feelings. I don’t care what anyone of you say, but the ending really touched me. And I cried a bit. My favorite game series has ended, and I do feel a bit empy. But thank you Monolith Soft and Namco and all other people involved with the Xenosaga games.
You’ve given me a really good time, and salute you for making the best game series out there.

Xenosaga will live forever!