I’m getting a PlayStation 4 at launch!

Since my economy right now is pretty much non-existent for various reasons, I thought for sure I could give up on ever getting a PlayStation 4. At least sometime in the foreseeable future, which would suck hard. But what can you do? Not much I’m afraid, but thanks to my local GameStop I’m able to get one. Right now they have this deal where you can trade in two games and get 600SEK in store cash from them, there is of course a list of games that work. And luckily for me I had enough old games to get rid of so I could put that towards the PS4, so I’m not paying a single penny on it! I’ll be able to get it thanks to trade-ins! Feels good!

I know this post sounds like a promotion for GameStop but it’s not, but when they do something this good I think they need some recognition and other people from Sweden would perhaps like to now this too. So they can use the same deal. It’s not often GS have something useful so every once in a while when they do, I want to get the word out. Anyway! Now I just hope they’ll have open at midnight at the release so I can get this bad boy ASAP! I hope they release a release date soon too, more specific than “Coming this holiday”.
Either way, I’m super happy for this. Even if I did “offer” most of my old games… A bit sad about that, but then again I want the PS4 and I hadn’t touched some of the games for over a year.

Oh and just a little extra notice. This is my 600th post! Yay, go me! Feels a bit strange to see I’ve made 599 posts before this one. But then again I love writing, even if it’s about the smallest things. So writing on my blog really helps me get out all the stuff I’m feeling.

My winner of E3 2013

The big three has had their E3 conferences and now it’s time for me to decide my winner. But if you’ve read my previous posts, I think you can all guess who the winner is. But I’ve slept on it, decided to take in all the impressions and yeah, the winner is pretty clear. And a fair warning, there might be some harsh language so if you can’t handle that, stay away from this post.

– My winner of E3, they just seemed to hit all the right notes. While they didn’t show anything that I really felt like I needed to buy on the spot, but I am a bit interested in Knack. Other than that, it was just everything else. The energy and “fighting spirit” they seemed to have and pulling all the right cards for consumers. Like no online DRM, you can lend and buy used games and a price of 399dollars. BOOOM! That made it for me, but there are of course other stuff I am waiting for. Like Infamous Second Son, I loved the two other Infamous games and I need this one, hope its just as fun. And then there was the announcement of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 was awesome! And not to forget Metal Gear Solid V, damn it looks incredible! The three games mentioned are also coming to Xbox One. Which for me was together with some of Nintendo’s announcements the big game bombs for me.

– While I thought Nintendo’s E3 Direct was boring, they did have some stuff I truly enjoyed. And that’s what snagged them a second place in this listing.
What I would have loved to see was a price-drop of the Wii U, more third party support. Which seems it’s getting less and less of… I am fearing a GameCube 2.0 here. A great machine that just about nobody but Nintendo themselves are supporting, I hope I’m just paranoid. And things will be better once more and better games are out. Like the new Super Smash Brothers and X, god I want those two games. I could easily see myself getting a new Wii U just for those games alone..

– Yes, they came in last for me. It just seems like they did everything wrong, really screwing the consumer over. I really enjoy Xbox 360 and think it’s a great console, but with Xbox One they’ve really fucked up. There was nothing of interest shown at their E3 meeting, at least nothing that interested me. And I’m getting really sick of their attitude towards people. Some site interviewed Don Mattrick after E3 and asked him about what people without an internet connection should do? The solution, buy the Xbox 360 it’s an offline machine… So basically telling everyone with a crappy or limited internet connection to go fuck themselves if they want to play next gen… No company should treat their costumers like this, they should really rethink their whole Xbox One policies. Without all the stupid shit they are pulling with the console it would probably be great.

Who did you think won and why? Do you agree or disagree with me? Come on and post then people, I know you are a couple of people who reads this I’d like to have some form of discussion with you! So don’t be shy now, I want to hear what you think.

E3 2013: Sony

I was going to make this post right after Sony’s event, but I was too damn tired. Tired but very pleased! While Microsoft seems to have made all the wrong decisions regarding its Xbox One console, Sony has made all the right ones. At least the right ones for us, the consumers in my opinion. I loved seeing this cocky Sony, really ridiculing Microsoft’s console. They have confirmed it will have no Online DRM, or any DRM for that matter. You can buy used games and share them with your friends just like you can today on the PS3 and the console will be region-free. Just just exactly as the PS3 there and for me those are all important stuff.
But that is not all! They won’t be repeating their 599dollars mistake with the Playstation 3, they will launch the console at 399$. Making it 100$ cheaper than the Xbox One.
For me Sony did everything right, well almost everything. They fell a bit on the finish line, but this time I’ll forgive it and actually pay up. But that is only due to all the other positive stuff about the PS4. Online multiplayer won’t be free anymore, you’ll need a Playstation Plus account in order to play online with your friends. Which is a damn shame, if that had been free then Sony would  have won flawlessly over Microsoft.

Yeah, sorry to sound like a fanboy. I am not, I like every console. I’m just so tired of all the “wrong” choices Microsoft seems to have made with he Xbox One.  Well then, let’s continue on to the games. As just about everyone expected Final Fantasy Versus XIII made it’s appearance and confirmation to be a PS4 game now, and as everyone (?) thought it has been renamed to Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix will also release Final Fantasy XIV on the PS4 also, so I might just check that game out later. But the biggest surprise was, Kingdom Hearts 3!! Hot damn! I did not expect that honestly, that was a great surprise.
Knack is looking like a nice little title and it will be a release game, so I might just get that. I am disappointed that Infamous: Second Son won’t be a release game, I really wanted that game with the console.

One Piece, Travel and stuff

Tomorrow is the day when I will go and participate in a course that make an instructor at work. I am really looking forward to this and this will only help me grow as a person, I have the confidence that I’ll make this. Deep breaths, deep breaths! I am getting a little bit excited and nervous now.

I can hardly wait for June, the month of E3. I am so looking forward to it this year, mostly because of the next generation will start there. Sure the new Xbox will be unveiled tomorrow and Playstation 4 is already confirmed. But it still there all the bombs will drop, at least I think and hope so. It is so exciting to see what both Sony and Microsoft will bring, of course I am looking forward to Nintendo too. But they weren’t supposed to have a big E3 thing? I think I’ve heard something like that being confirmed. Oh, well. Only a few more weeks and then it go time. Good thing I’m free from work since Sony’s conference is in the middle of the night if you go by Swedish time.

I’ve started to play One Piece: Pirate Warriors for Playstation 3, I most say so far I am liking it much more than I though I would. I’ve had good honest fun with that game and it even rekindle some of my interest for the anime, so I might try to give it a go again later. Just need to remember where I stopped watching. Either way, if I continue to like this game the way I do now. I’ll definitely get the sequel when its out.

E3 2012: Sony

And now Sony‘s show is over too. Just like Microsoft it was a disappointment, ugh. It wasn’t as boring as Microsoft, but nothing new was really shown. Okay they showed Beyond from Quantic Dream and it looks pretty great. But the whole Wonderbook thing for Playstation Move? Not interested at all. No price cuts for the PS Vita that many was expecting, nothing really new announced for Vita either…

So far this E3 has been rather disappointing. A shame really, since I usually enjoy Sony’s shows. The Last of Us looks great too, but honestly I was expecting more. A few secret games or a game announcement that would make you go completely gaga. Yeah, perhaps it’s just me expecting too much… My hope now entirely lies at Nintendo‘s mercy! I’m really hoping they’ll bring a few bombs tomorrow/later today. But since they are on E3 with a whole new console, I think I’m going to get what I want. Something new, something unannounced.

Sony’s E3 2011

Just finished watching Sony’s E3 conferance. And I’m tired as hell now. I’m not used to be up this late. But either way it was pretty okay, was hoping for more stuff actually. But Uncharted 3 and Sly Cooper Thieves in Time where nice! And I got more interested in the Playstation Vita, their new portble console.
I’m also getting the God of War Origins Collection. All in all a pretty goof show, its gonna be interesting to watch Nintendos show later today.
But damn! I really need to start saving for a PSVita! I really need to play Uncharted Golden Abyss.

My thoughts of E3 2010

First out of the big three in this years E3 (perhaps they are first every year, I don’t know…). Either way, they where first out and they didn’t really have anything to show that made me excited. They had a whole bunch of games and stuff to show that had to do with Kinect. Ya, know. The camera “controller” that was called Natal before. But as I said there where really nothing that caught my interest a bit of a shame, well at least I’m really liking their redesign of the Xbox 360. It cools very cool and if it works better than the current consoles than that’s great!
I also thought Microsoft’s show was pretty boring, it felt very “stiff” somehow. Maybe its just an impression I got. Oh, yeah. I almost forgot the video that was shown of Metal Gear Solid: Rising was damn cool!

Well this was a pretty big surprise for me personally. I never thought I would be interested in something Nintendo would show. Don’t get my wrong I love Nintendo and I always will, but I haven’t really been interested in the stuff they’ve done for the past years. Don’t know why, but that’s how it was.
Anyway, I thought Nintendo had the best show. They showed a bunch of new stuff, like the new Legend of Zelda game. But the biggest and best thing on the show (IMO) was the unveiling of Nintendo 3DS, the successor to the DS. They showed a new Kid Icarus game that looks great! And they seem to be announcing things for the console the whole time. You’ll have to find out what for yourselves. I’m greatly interested in the 3DS.

The show I before hand was hoping to get the best things out of. Well, turns out I was dead wrong. There where almost nothing that interested me here. They talked a hell a lot about MOVE and didn’t really show anything new. Well… Portal 2 and Twisted Metal. But I care for neither, so I guess Heroes on The Move was the game that interested me the most together with The Sly Collection. Heroes on The Move seems to be an action/adventure game that finally puts some of Sony’s “mascots” in the same game, Jak, Ratchet and Sly all together with there sidekicks. And The Sly Collection is the three Sly Cooper games remastered for the PS3 in HD and 3D. I just feel disappointed I was hoping for a bit more.
The part where Kevin Butler enters, where pretty good.

So thanks for reading my thoughts of this years E3 with the big three. What did you think about it? What did you love and hate?