I’m getting a PlayStation 4 at launch!

Since my economy right now is pretty much non-existent for various reasons, I thought for sure I could give up on ever getting a PlayStation 4. At least sometime in the foreseeable future, which would suck hard. But what can you do? Not much I’m afraid, but thanks to my local GameStop I’m able to get one. Right now they have this deal where you can trade in two games and get 600SEK in store cash from them, there is of course a list of games that work. And luckily for me I had enough old games to get rid of so I could put that towards the PS4, so I’m not paying a single penny on it! I’ll be able to get it thanks to trade-ins! Feels good!

I know this post sounds like a promotion for GameStop but it’s not, but when they do something this good I think they need some recognition and other people from Sweden would perhaps like to now this too. So they can use the same deal. It’s not often GS have something useful so every once in a while when they do, I want to get the word out. Anyway! Now I just hope they’ll have open at midnight at the release so I can get this bad boy ASAP! I hope they release a release date soon too, more specific than “Coming this holiday”.
Either way, I’m super happy for this. Even if I did “offer” most of my old games… A bit sad about that, but then again I want the PS4 and I hadn’t touched some of the games for over a year.

Oh and just a little extra notice. This is my 600th post! Yay, go me! Feels a bit strange to see I’ve made 599 posts before this one. But then again I love writing, even if it’s about the smallest things. So writing on my blog really helps me get out all the stuff I’m feeling.

Movies tonight!

Going to watch the Wolverine movie with my buddies Elden Hubbe today. Lookingforward to that. First time watching a movie in the cinemas since Iron Man. And next month its Transformers 2!! God I want to see it!
I’ve also preordrered the PS3 RPG, Cross Edge. For me and my other buddy Ezakiel. Hopefully I’ll have them in about 15days.
Well that’s all for now. Gotta get packing. See ya!

Preordered inFamous

Somedays you just find things that make you happy. I checked out my giftcard from GameStop and saw I still had some cash on there. I thought I had used it all up. Well this was a pleseant sureprise.
So I visited my nearest GameStop today. And preordered inFamous for PS3. Well it was only possible thanks to their preorder deals.
Trade in 3 games for a preorder game + get 100SEK on your giftcard.
(Well at least in Sweden its so.) So I used my card to buy 3 cheap preowned PS3 games and traded them in right away, to get inFamous. A good deal for me. So thanks to that I lost little money on my giftcard, but got some of it back and a new game waiting for pickup. All this without me having to spend “real” money. I would have preordered Batman instead, but yeah… Its deleayed. -.-

Disgaea 3 has been shipped!

Woho! Got a message from VG+ now telling me that they have shipped my copy of Disgaea 3! And to my surprise. Everyone that has preordered will get a preorder soundtrack! Woho! I love bonuses like this. Haha, this will be my first videogame soundtrack. Always something!
Keeping my fingers crossed for friday now! >_>
Go VideoGamesPlus go, go!

Preorder? Check!

Yes! Preordered Metal Gear Solid 4 today. I used it their trade in deal.
Trade in 2 PS3 games and get it for 9SEK. So I had some money on my giftcertificate and bougtht two cheap ass games in my local EB and traded them in directly.
So I haven’t paied a penny (yet, will pay those 9SEK when I get the game).

So that felt like a very good deal! so now I’m just hoping June 12th will come A.S.A.P.
Then I’m going to look myself in my room and do nothing but play MGS4. ^^
Oh and its 28 days left untill its released.