Wolverine has been tamed

Just got finished with The X-Men Orgins: Wolverine game. The ending credits just passed by. A pretty good game. But I’m sorta glad I didn’t buy it, as I said its good and all but it has its flaws. Sometimes the damn camera its so stupid. Its like it got a fucking life of its own. You can almost never have the camera the way you want. It always seems to get in the way. Both Logan/Wolverine and Victor/Sabertooth look great in the game, but Kayla (Logan’s girlfriend in the movie) looks like shit! And the same goes to every other character that’s not a “main character” so to say. The exception being Raven Darkholme. Other than that the game is pretty good, the action is good. Its bloody, the part I like most about the game.
The cinematic movies in the game are wicked awesome! This is without the thing that has gotten the most attention of the game. Some of the movieclips that feature Logan look so real. That I sometime have a hard time knowing it its really CG or not.
Don’t know what more to say. The game all in all was fun to play. I will probably play it again if my friend Elden will lend it to me again.

Well at least I’ve got my hands free to be able to play Mana Khemia now without any disturbance from other games. So that’s how I’ll spend the rest of my tuesday and probably all the day untill Cross Edge arrives.
Now its time for bed! Goodnight you all!

Game and TV

I got a new TV today. No not a HDTV. But I got an old widescreen tv, and it works a hell of a lot better than my old one! Since it was free from a friend to my family,  so I’m pretty happy. And why not? As I said was free! FREE!!
And I also after some months of waiting I got my copy of Mana Khemia
for the Playstation 2. God, what the fuck do you have against me discshop? Seriously.
Yes, there is more too this than they just sipping out a game “late” for me. I think the details if people are intressted can be found on the site, if not, oh well. Well glad I can put that shit behind me both the game and ever shopping from discshop again.

I think I’m nearing the end of Wolverine game too. And after that it will jump right over and start playing Mana Khemia. Really looking forward to that game. Especially since all the good stuff my friend KNtheking has said about the game. I would take a picture of the beautiful game packade if I could, but sadly we don’t have a camera anymore.
Its dead. So if anyone could tip me on where I can get a new digital camera cheap, I would appriciate if you could please tell me.

Wolverine and Eurovision

Now I’ve seen X-Men Orgins: Wolverine. It was a good movie. I liked it. Well some parts could need some work… Well all in all I was pretty pleased at least. now just a little more than a month left untill
Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen!  And after that I went home with my buddy Elden. And we Watched, Saw 2 its pretty good. Still think the first one is the best. We watched X-men the first movie, feel like we needed to. ;)
And some other random crap I don’t remember. I’ve also borrowed the Wolverine game from him. So I’m gonna start playing that now. The demo was good and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the game. Gotta give it a try, right?
So I’m putting Sonic Unleashed on hold for now. I want to rip apart people in Wolverine and honestly, Wolverine is better than Sonic Unleashed. Just the demo of Wolverine was better than a few hours of Sonic Unleashed.

And today was/is Eurovison Song Contest. I honestly don’t know why I watched this. Perhaps because I was tricked with candy. Yeah it has to be the only logical reason. This year was boring as hell. The song from Greece and the song Arash was singing for where the only ones I liked. The rest also made me fall asleep. Seriously they did. I’ve sleept bad for a couple of days now and the rest of the songs where like sleeping pills. Hopefully I will not fall into the trap and watch this next year.
Gotta have some self controll… I just gotta!

Movies tonight!

Going to watch the Wolverine movie with my buddies Elden Hubbe today. Lookingforward to that. First time watching a movie in the cinemas since Iron Man. And next month its Transformers 2!! God I want to see it!
I’ve also preordrered the PS3 RPG, Cross Edge. For me and my other buddy Ezakiel. Hopefully I’ll have them in about 15days.
Well that’s all for now. Gotta get packing. See ya!

Ready for the movies

Hopefully a third friend who I’ve been planing to go watch
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, with. Will actually be joining us. Seemed a bit dark there at the start with some private matters to attend. So I’m hoping for the best. Speaking of movies, hope I can go and watch the new Wolverine movie next week. Me and my friend Elden are going to watch it. So hope its good. Hope its still showing at our cinema…

I’m also very interested in the video game for Transformers ROTF.
Even if the first movie game was crap, I feel like this game will be much better. Honestly it can hardly be worse, now can it? Have to work my ass of at home to be able to get it. But it could be worth it. Hopefully… And speaking of games worth or not worth getting. I have a copy of Sonic Unleashed that will hopefully arrive at my place in the beginning of next week. Will probably preorder Cross Edge for the PS3 next week for me and my buddy Ezakiel. The only game I know I can afford. Since I’ve helped out with a lot of stuff here at home, to be able to get it. So that’s about what it looks like for me on the gaming side. Well probably going to borrow Dead Space and Wolverine game from Elden later. Really looking forward to Dead Space.
Hope its better than the not so good Resident Evil 5