Game and TV

I got a new TV today. No not a HDTV. But I got an old widescreen tv, and it works a hell of a lot better than my old one! Since it was free from a friend to my family,  so I’m pretty happy. And why not? As I said was free! FREE!!
And I also after some months of waiting I got my copy of Mana Khemia
for the Playstation 2. God, what the fuck do you have against me discshop? Seriously.
Yes, there is more too this than they just sipping out a game “late” for me. I think the details if people are intressted can be found on the site, if not, oh well. Well glad I can put that shit behind me both the game and ever shopping from discshop again.

I think I’m nearing the end of Wolverine game too. And after that it will jump right over and start playing Mana Khemia. Really looking forward to that game. Especially since all the good stuff my friend KNtheking has said about the game. I would take a picture of the beautiful game packade if I could, but sadly we don’t have a camera anymore.
Its dead. So if anyone could tip me on where I can get a new digital camera cheap, I would appriciate if you could please tell me.

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