Ready for the movies

Hopefully a third friend who I’ve been planing to go watch
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, with. Will actually be joining us. Seemed a bit dark there at the start with some private matters to attend. So I’m hoping for the best. Speaking of movies, hope I can go and watch the new Wolverine movie next week. Me and my friend Elden are going to watch it. So hope its good. Hope its still showing at our cinema…

I’m also very interested in the video game for Transformers ROTF.
Even if the first movie game was crap, I feel like this game will be much better. Honestly it can hardly be worse, now can it? Have to work my ass of at home to be able to get it. But it could be worth it. Hopefully… And speaking of games worth or not worth getting. I have a copy of Sonic Unleashed that will hopefully arrive at my place in the beginning of next week. Will probably preorder Cross Edge for the PS3 next week for me and my buddy Ezakiel. The only game I know I can afford. Since I’ve helped out with a lot of stuff here at home, to be able to get it. So that’s about what it looks like for me on the gaming side. Well probably going to borrow Dead Space and Wolverine game from Elden later. Really looking forward to Dead Space.
Hope its better than the not so good Resident Evil 5

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