I’m back!

So after a long time without internet I’m back! Oh, how I’ve missed all my friends on the internet. There was an idiotic repair man who had cut some cables so both me and a pair of neighbors lost our internet. And it took them more than two weeks to get off their asses to come and fix it. That’s Telia for you…

So I stayed a couple of days at a friends house last week. I needed to get a dose of internet. So we watched some movies.
Billy Madison, Spirit, Sinbad Legend of The Seven Seasa and Reign Over Me. Reign Over Me, was very good and very heart worming. Not as tearfull as some people say it was. And we watched the Futurama movie, Bender’s Big Score. Oh, my it was very good! So much better than The Simpsons Movie, which I in fact hate…. More or less at least… And just two days ago I rewatched the Futurama movie. Yeah, that’s how much I liked it.

Well not that we was unable to go online, I think I’ve watched every tv-series we had at home. I saw Heroes season 2 untill episode 7, then we had no more! Arrgg! Gotta get me a new fix now…. >_>
And I watched Torchwood. It was pretty meh… Some parts where really good, but It didn’t fall in my taste. And I finished watching all the anime’s I had lying about here at home. Must get some new ones, badly!
Well that’s about it. Now I’ve got two weeks catching up to do. See ya soon!

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