The day is here!

Woho! Finally! Its Metal Gear Solid 4 release day! I’m just a few hours EB Games/Gamestops opens and I’ll get my reserved copy of the game! And be on my way home to play. God I’ve been looking forward to this day this whole year, and now its here! My good friend Elden will accompany me home, to sit with me as I play this game.
Its also his birthday tomorrow so Happy Birthday in advance!! :D
I’ll be posting an update later, with pictures of the game. And a few first thoughts about the game.

Gotta go catch that bus now, see ya later!

EDIT: Woho, now I got the game! So I’m going to go play it now! :D

4 responses on The day is here!

  1. Hehe gratz.
    I bet you guys will (or are having right now) one hell of a time, hope it wont disappoint :)
    Myself im not into Metal Gear but I do understand what you feel.

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