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Since a bunch of stuff has happened recently, it seems like I yet again have to wait to get a PS3. But actually this time, I myself think the wait is good. Since I’ll have more money over when I buy it next month or in June.
Depends on if they release a MGS4 bundle here in Europe, if they do I’ll wait for it.
Well actually that’s just about it. So I have two more month, I’ll be able to at least buy one or two more PS3 games I want, so I’ll have enough to play with when I get the console. ^^

So I’m not that sad really, If I had bought it this month I would have been entirely broke until May, not the wisest of choices.But still something I could have lived with, but since trouble has been happening at home, I’ll pitch in and try to help there. I traded in some old games on EB games and bought Folklore. So I can’t wait to try it. Well other than that, not much has been happening.
Well hope you are feeling better today, Lania. ^^

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  1. Aw, thank you for your concern. :) I’m not feeling much better though… Crap. :(

    Hey, new game! :D It’s funny, you’re buying games for the PS3 that you don’t own yet, and I’ve placed an order for Eternal Sonata and I don’t have a 360 yet. XD Well, we will both get what we want later. :)

    I hope the thing going on in your family is not serious. *hugs*

  2. Ah, that a shame. :(
    Well hope it turns out better soon. I’m starting to think I’ve maybe caught something too.
    Been a bit dizyy and tired today.

    Haha, yeah. Wellas I have to wait for the PS3 I can buy some games for it, in the mean time.
    That way I’ll have lots of games to play later. ^^
    No, its nothing that serious with my family, fortunetly.
    Still thanks for your concern. ^^ *hugs*

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