Better late than never!

So since I don’t have very much to do, I’ve stared to watch Heroes. I normaly hate real tv-shows, if they are not comedy shows that is.
Well you hear everyone going, Heroes this, Heroes that! And yeah, its really awesome!
As I type this I’m going to start watching Episode 9 (season 1), that will be the fifth episode I watch today. Hopefully there will be more.
Well gotta run back now! I’ll update this later perhaps. No, i really gotta go now! Its exciting! :D

Update: So I started to watch Heroes from Episode 5 today, saw the other 4 yesterday. And now I’m going to beging watching episode 13. That’s pretty much tv watching. That’s almost 360minutes in front of the TV. Woo!
Can’t believe I’ve done that! Well I must say I’m loving the series. And I’m going to watch more tomorrow. Right now before I go to bed, I’m going to finish watching episode 13. Hope if doesn’t end to exciting, then I just might have to watch episode 14 too…. >_<

2 responses on Better late than never!

  1. I really did like the first season. Then there was a big break in the series, and that made my interest fade too. But you don’t have to experience that, now that you can see them all after each other whenever you want. :)
    I have started to watch the second season, but I’m definitely not blown away like I was before.

  2. I’m loving the first season! :D
    Guess I’m gonna finish watching it today. Or I hope I do.
    And try to get a hold of season 2 later. I feel like I’ve turned into a movie maniac. Sure I was one before, but know I really want to watch a lot of movies/tv-shows I’ve missed.

    So after I’m done with Heroes I might just start with House. :D

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