Work, work and you’ve guessed it. Work!

Ugh. Yeah, just ugh. Right now we are swamped at work, we have so much too do and not enough people to help us. And no they can’t hire more right now, so that’s is not an option. While it can be hard an frustrated at times, I still enjoy we have stuff to do. The only downside is that I am so damn tired when I get home, thankfully I’ll get of work early tomorrow. And hopefully I’ll be able to try Diablo III for the PlayStation 3 tomorrow with a colleague on PSSverige, that is if he can tomorrow.

And continuing with work, I have to work this weekend too. That sucks a bit, I’d like to get some time and fix my site. Get a new design, maybe try a new theme. I just do something new, but there never is any time for stuff like that. When I have free time I try to spend it with friends or games, so other stuff gets pushed back. But I am going to try and make time this weekend and get something done on the site.

micke_anime I’d like to thank my friend “Elden Rucidor” for making the chibi version of myself, that I now have on my site. I think I am going to modify it a bit later, I’m really having a hard time with the pattern on the shirt. Works in real life but not so much in this picture I am afraid, it just messes with my eyes. Sorry man.
I guess I’ll have to change it to something with one color, it will be less stressful on my eyes that way. Again, thanks for making this man. I appreciate it and hopefully you actually see this post! (UPDATE: I have edit the colors now…) Thanks again Elden! =)

I’ll have to make some better posts in the upcoming weekend too, right now I’m not sure what I want to write about. Well that is not entirely true, but I’d rather sit down and write what I want when I have the time to do that. Will probably be mostly about games as always, but that’s just what I love! I love writing about games and discussing games, it’s one of the best things I know. So you won’t get away that easy! And speaking of games, I see a lot of people have been searching for “where you can get new hairstyles for Tales of Xillia.” The short easy answer to that question is you get them when you get new costumes. Either you get them from the few that are ingame or you will get new hairstyles when you buy costume DLC.

I want to play a game. A pizza game.

So Elden was here this weekend and I watched Saw 3 and Saw 4 for the first time. I liked them both, but the first one is still my favorite of this four that I’ve watched. I’m not to good with gore anymore, the older I’ve gotten the worse I get to handle it. So sadly, I almost passed out at one scene in Saw 3.
I started feeling dizzy, lost some feelings in my legs and was about to faint. But I managed to stay focused. So go ahead and laugh if you will, even I’m laughing at it. In the past this was nothing, but now I have to watch if or I’ll get dizzy at movies like this. *sigh*
What scene is it? You’ll have to ask in the comments, don’t want to “spoil” anything here. I’m gonna watch the rest, I enjoy those movies even if I feel a faint coming on. Just three more to go. Go, go, me!
Just a little more than a week until Kristoffer comes to visit, it is gonna be a blast. =)

Since I was sick earlier this week, I haven’t played much Disgaea 4. Sadly. And then when Elden was here I played nothing, well at little bit. So after a nice hot shower I’m gonna sit down and hope to get some more played. While Elden was here we made our own pizzas, you know the stuff I like to make. I made my regular country formed pizza with tuna and ham, Elden decided to try something new.
It not round but square in its shape or squarish, it’s filled with chili sauce, tex-mex flavored cheese, pepperoni and some other hot stuff that would burn my stomach. He gave it the name; Square Phoenix. (Oh, no he didn’t!?)

The day is here!

Woho! Finally! Its Metal Gear Solid 4 release day! I’m just a few hours EB Games/Gamestops opens and I’ll get my reserved copy of the game! And be on my way home to play. God I’ve been looking forward to this day this whole year, and now its here! My good friend Elden will accompany me home, to sit with me as I play this game.
Its also his birthday tomorrow so Happy Birthday in advance!! :D
I’ll be posting an update later, with pictures of the game. And a few first thoughts about the game.

Gotta go catch that bus now, see ya later!

EDIT: Woho, now I got the game! So I’m going to go play it now! :D