The catch of today!

So me and my buddy Claim Solaris, where in town today. Just chilling taking it easy. We grabbed a “fika”, which I’ve never done with him before! Well its the first of many times. And it was really nice and it was raining. I loved it.

And now I’m so hyped for MGS4. So I filled up with some soda. 3x Cola, 2x Fanta and 1 Sprite. The sprite is for my mother. Don’t like it much myself. And for all that I had to fork out… Get ready…. 30SEK! Well I’m happy. =)

And my sister was kind enough to buy me Eternal Sonata from Rusta, for 199SEK. Woho, thanks sis. =D

4 responses on The catch of today!

  1. Hehe im so happy they had ES left for you too.
    And man…. if you drink all that cola and fanta to quick you will get the sugar rush of this millenia, please be careful :O.

  2. Yeah, I’m very happy they had one left for me.
    Haha, no worries dood. There is no chance in hell that Im gonna down all that at once. =)

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