So many RPGs….

So Microsoft announced a bunch of RPGs that are heading to the 360.
Most of them where all old games previously announced, but then they announced that Star Ocean 4 is coming to 360. And right now it looks like its exclusive! Bah. So, yeah. Just have to take it and get a Xbox 360.
And Metal Gear Solid 4 is here soon! God I’ve waited an eternity for this game. And finally, I can soon play it. I might do a quick little update on the day I get the game, right before I start to play it. But I just wanna run home and play it all day long! <3

Well other than all the game talk its been very boring. I’m going to go back to school. So I’m going to read up on my math, swedish and english. And a few other stuff. Hopefully it will be somewhat fun.
Before I go I wanted to say that my new banner is made by my good friend Starscream99 on
Thank you very much Starscream. ^^

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  1. Hehe, yeah he told me.
    I’m just amazed that Rusta actually had a quality game there.
    Usually its just crappy games. and by crappy I mean, games you’ve never heard of.. >_>

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