Things I’m doing!

I should have done this update last night but I got busy and then tired and them when to bed. Yes, actually I did. :O (what a chocker)
My father had his birthday yesterday (13th) so once again dad, happy birthday. And today (14th) my little brother has his birthday. Yes, funny ain’t it. Well happy birthday to you bro. ^^

Anyhow… What have I been doing? Well not very much sadly. Well nothing more than trying to create a Playstation 3 theme.  And that is a…. A Xenosaga theme!!!!!!
Of coure it would be, what else would I start with!?! (yes, you are welcome to give me tips ^^)
So I’ve been doing icons since last night. I was pleased with them. But deleted them today and restarted from scratch.  And I like how they turned out now. You can check out the preview of the theme on my deviantart page. The theme is long from finished.
And hopefully I will be finished sometime. Well that’s pretty much what I’m up to. I’m starting to feel like I’m married to my photoshop. But I do like the little program. ^^

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  1. I clicked the picture but the file wasn’t found. :(
    My brother has his birthday on May 6th, my mom on May 12th and my dad on May 14th. XD That’s a lot of birthdays in one month, so I can know what you’re “going through” as well. ;)

  2. Oh, seems like I missed a number or so in the link name. Its fixed now. ^^
    Hehe, yeah. That’s a lot. And even funnier with my family is that we have birthdays after each other.
    Each month that is. My mon in August, my sister in September, me in oktober, my grandfather & my other brother in november and my father and my youngest brother in December.
    That like a fulltime job! :)

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