My KOS-MOS vector, done!

So I’m finally done with my vector image of KOS-MOS. As soon as I got home from my friend, I continued work with this.
And I’m really pleased at how it turned out. You can see the original post I made about this vector here.

I skipped on making her chocker, since it turned out to be a bit hard for me. So I just went ahead and finished the picture without adding it. And I’m still very pleased with how the picture turned out. Hopefully I’m better by the next vectors I make, so I can add it to future pictures.

If you want a bigger picture of this I recommend heading over to my DeviantArt page and get it there. Its much bigger than the little preview I have here on the site. So if you really want to see how the picture turned out, head over there. I would also appreciate if people would comment, so I know what to improve or just to hear what you think.

So looking forward to hear what people think, since its what motivates me to continue doing work like this. Can’t wait to get started on my newest vector, or perhaps I should try and finish some of the old ones I have. Well for the bigger version of this vector, get it here!

Where are everyone?

Yeah, where are everyone? A lot of people I used to talk to has almost vanished from the internet. Is it just a slow time or has something happened? Either way its a shame. =/
Looks like two of my closests friends are going to get PS3’s soon.
Congrats to you. We have to play online together later. I would really love that. And next month its finally time for Cross Edge to be released.
Looking forward to that as hell. I just love 2D RPG, hope we will be getting some more of then on the stationary consoles. I don’t want 2D to die.

I’m still somewhat sick. But the coughing is starting to go away more and more now. And that’s good. So hopefully just a few more days and I’m ready to rock as hard as I did before! When I’m healthy again I’m thinking about visiting some friends.

360 time now!

Oh yeah! The Xbox 360 I had gotten from my friend Evangela returned today from being repaired. Thanks once again man. Hopefully I can get a hold of an controller and I can start to play Blue Dragon, tomorrow. Really looking forward to it, since my buddy Kntheking has said a whole lot of good stuff about the game. So I’m hyped. So I’m hoping I’ll really like the game.
Either way it will be really nice to play an RPG again, it was some time since the last one. Ever since I finished Eternal Sonata for PS3.

I’ve posted some new stuff over at my deviantART account, so you could head over there and check. If you are interested. I have also managed to catch a cold.
My throat is hurting like hell, and I’ve done nothing but cough. It’s starting to get real annoying now. Hope it can ease up soon….

New logo!

Hey everyone! I’ve gotten a new logo.
Why? Well because I’ve decided I want to be myself on the internet, so instead of always hiding behind “Yazuka”, I now just want to be me. Micke Johansson. So I made this M-like logo. I like it myself. But there are some places that I will still be “Yazuka”. Like on Youtube, Deviantart, Gamefaqs, gametrailers. And other sites.
But I’ll be using this logo instead. So yeah, if you see it, its probably me. =)
Sadly the miniature doesn’t look as good as the big one IMO, but I have no idéa how to fix it. =/

So hopefully if I have the time, I’ll try to remake the whole site design, I’m trying to go for a more simple yet, clean design. And compared to what it was in the beginning I’m slowly getting there. So I’ll just keep fighting until I finally get a design I’m pleased with. And a question. Is there anything you would like to see on my site? I’m gotten some request from friends, to put up a friends page. Would that be okay, for you (yes, you know who you are) if I put up some minor info on you too? Or perhaps something else? I feel like I want to expand in some sort of way. I need to do something.

PS3 Theme crazy!

So I’m torturing myself by making themes, for the Playstation 3. Why?
Well I have nothing better to do and its fun. Plus I’m trying to make a theme that I know I want. So I’ve currently done 4 PS3 themes. And you can get them all at
Its the site where I’ll be uploading all my themes on. There and on deviant.

I am also currently making a new theme. It will be one from one of my all time favorite animes and all the icons will be chnaged in this one. It has a costume made background to fit in. And will hopefully even have sound effects. So yeah! It will be a totally complete theme! Look forward to it. ^^

Here’s what I’ve done. Sorry, for the small thumbnails. But they will have to do.
Just enter the site and download them from there. And rate them if you want to…

Simple & Black [ All PS3 Themes ]

Simple & White [ All PS3 Themes ]

Playing X’mas [ All PS3 Themes ] [ Deviant ]

Xenosaga Fan [ All PS3 Themes ] [ Deviant ]

Things I’m doing!

I should have done this update last night but I got busy and then tired and them when to bed. Yes, actually I did. :O (what a chocker)
My father had his birthday yesterday (13th) so once again dad, happy birthday. And today (14th) my little brother has his birthday. Yes, funny ain’t it. Well happy birthday to you bro. ^^

Anyhow… What have I been doing? Well not very much sadly. Well nothing more than trying to create a Playstation 3 theme.  And that is a…. A Xenosaga theme!!!!!!
Of coure it would be, what else would I start with!?! (yes, you are welcome to give me tips ^^)
So I’ve been doing icons since last night. I was pleased with them. But deleted them today and restarted from scratch.  And I like how they turned out now. You can check out the preview of the theme on my deviantart page. The theme is long from finished.
And hopefully I will be finished sometime. Well that’s pretty much what I’m up to. I’m starting to feel like I’m married to my photoshop. But I do like the little program. ^^

Some stuff

Haha.. Omg… I can’t believe it happened to me. What am I talking about?
I’m talking about the Portal song. Yeah, you know the end theme of portal. I’ve heard so many say it was so good. Of course I did not believe them. Nor did I try to prove them wrong by actually listening to the song. But today I did. And what can I say?
Well thank you nordiclania for presenting me for a new song to listen to bits! :D

Well nothing new. Not much is happening in my life right now. When you are broke, you can’t do very much. I would love to travel and meet people I’ve spoken to for years over the internet. But yeah, without money that is but a dream. Or more like impossible.
Well I’ve started to play, The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap for the GameboyAdvance today. Its one of the two Zelda games I haven’t played before. The other one being Majoras Mask. Have to get thru that game, one day to. Well gonna play some more, before I go to bed.

Oh, well I did see The Golden Compass, yesterday… And what can I say? Well not much. But I did not like it! It was a very disapointing movie, I had high hopes for that movie. And it let me down. I will most likely not see a sequal if there is one. no, that was nothing for me.
I’m going to check out Enchanted later… Hopefully I like that one better.

Plus I’ve uploaded some new Xenosaga picture to my deviantart. Two of them are old, (the Shion pics). And the KOS-MOS picture is new. Just wanted to post them here so a more people see them. ^^ (Yeah, I’m still a XenoFreak) :D