PS3 Theme crazy!

So I’m torturing myself by making themes, for the Playstation 3. Why?
Well I have nothing better to do and its fun. Plus I’m trying to make a theme that I know I want. So I’ve currently done 4 PS3 themes. And you can get them all at
Its the site where I’ll be uploading all my themes on. There and on deviant.

I am also currently making a new theme. It will be one from one of my all time favorite animes and all the icons will be chnaged in this one. It has a costume made background to fit in. And will hopefully even have sound effects. So yeah! It will be a totally complete theme! Look forward to it. ^^

Here’s what I’ve done. Sorry, for the small thumbnails. But they will have to do.
Just enter the site and download them from there. And rate them if you want to…

Simple & Black [ All PS3 Themes ]

Simple & White [ All PS3 Themes ]

Playing X’mas [ All PS3 Themes ] [ Deviant ]

Xenosaga Fan [ All PS3 Themes ] [ Deviant ]

My first PS3 theme is done!

Yes! That is right! My very first Playstation 3 theme is done. I’m very proud of it.
Its the first time I’ve done something like this and creating icons. It was fun. I’m gonna do it again. Just need to figure out what to do next…
Any requests? I can try and fullfill them…

I just called the theme Xenosaga Fan, oohhh! Super original name I know, but I’m very bad at coming up with names, so it will have to do.
So if you want to download it head over to AllPS3Themes page! Thank you.^^

Things I’m doing!

I should have done this update last night but I got busy and then tired and them when to bed. Yes, actually I did. :O (what a chocker)
My father had his birthday yesterday (13th) so once again dad, happy birthday. And today (14th) my little brother has his birthday. Yes, funny ain’t it. Well happy birthday to you bro. ^^

Anyhow… What have I been doing? Well not very much sadly. Well nothing more than trying to create a Playstation 3 theme.  And that is a…. A Xenosaga theme!!!!!!
Of coure it would be, what else would I start with!?! (yes, you are welcome to give me tips ^^)
So I’ve been doing icons since last night. I was pleased with them. But deleted them today and restarted from scratch.  And I like how they turned out now. You can check out the preview of the theme on my deviantart page. The theme is long from finished.
And hopefully I will be finished sometime. Well that’s pretty much what I’m up to. I’m starting to feel like I’m married to my photoshop. But I do like the little program. ^^