Wolverine has been tamed

Just got finished with The X-Men Orgins: Wolverine game. The ending credits just passed by. A pretty good game. But I’m sorta glad I didn’t buy it, as I said its good and all but it has its flaws. Sometimes the damn camera its so stupid. Its like it got a fucking life of its own. You can almost never have the camera the way you want. It always seems to get in the way. Both Logan/Wolverine and Victor/Sabertooth look great in the game, but Kayla (Logan’s girlfriend in the movie) looks like shit! And the same goes to every other character that’s not a “main character” so to say. The exception being Raven Darkholme. Other than that the game is pretty good, the action is good. Its bloody, the part I like most about the game.
The cinematic movies in the game are wicked awesome! This is without the thing that has gotten the most attention of the game. Some of the movieclips that feature Logan look so real. That I sometime have a hard time knowing it its really CG or not.
Don’t know what more to say. The game all in all was fun to play. I will probably play it again if my friend Elden will lend it to me again.

Well at least I’ve got my hands free to be able to play Mana Khemia now without any disturbance from other games. So that’s how I’ll spend the rest of my tuesday and probably all the day untill Cross Edge arrives.
Now its time for bed! Goodnight you all!

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