Preordered inFamous

Somedays you just find things that make you happy. I checked out my giftcard from GameStop and saw I still had some cash on there. I thought I had used it all up. Well this was a pleseant sureprise.
So I visited my nearest GameStop today. And preordered inFamous for PS3. Well it was only possible thanks to their preorder deals.
Trade in 3 games for a preorder game + get 100SEK on your giftcard.
(Well at least in Sweden its so.) So I used my card to buy 3 cheap preowned PS3 games and traded them in right away, to get inFamous. A good deal for me. So thanks to that I lost little money on my giftcard, but got some of it back and a new game waiting for pickup. All this without me having to spend “real” money. I would have preordered Batman instead, but yeah… Its deleayed. -.-

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