Games! WOO!

So got some mail today. Yummy, delicious things. This is an early Christmas present from my family and relatives. So I’m happy. Don’t need to spend money on those later. Not sure I could had anyway…. Well all that I need now is a new Playstation 3 and I’m ready to go… Bah.

Valkyria Chronicles & Eternal Sonata

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  1. Hehe, well they are not many.
    This is from my family (5 persons) and grandfather. They are my only living relatives.
    Well I’m glad. As I said now I don’t have to buy them myself and can start playing as soon as I get a new PS3.

  2. I can hear something calling me….
    Wait… what?
    *fluuiidd… bo…*
    *fluid boy*

    From this day cometh, you shalleth be knoweth as Fluid Boy! KN got promoted to a new class, Fluid Boy.

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