Easter vacation

So nice to have some vacation now that it is easter. I’ve been working so hard and much lately I haven’t had time doing the stuff I love. Like gaming and such. Now at least I have until Monday to do stuff, the it’s back to work on Tuesday. Wish there was some more free time, but better then nothing. And I have really needed this time of, there has been so much to do at work lately. A bit too much at times, but just gotta keep it together a few more month and it’s vacation and then I can take it really easy.

Yesterday I rewatched National Treasure, you know that adventure movie staring
Nicholas Cage. A movie I like really much, I enjoy the sequel too. I hope they make a third one as long as it’s in the same vein if the two first movies. Well after seeing the movie again I really wanted to replay some of the Uncharted games, but that will have to wait until another time.
Instead I have managed to come over a copy of the new Tomb Raider game rather cheaply, so I am looking forward to see if that game is to my liking. I’ve heard mostly good about it, so we’ll see. Right now I am playing the latest Sly Cooper game. Liking it so far, feels and sounds like a Sly game. So I am pretty pleased. A shame what they’ve done to Carmelita though. For me her Sly 2 appearance and voice will be my favorite, so much better than then the rest IMO.

I’m very much looking forward to the next time my friend Elden comes over. We are going to watch the entire season 3 of The Walking Dead. Gonna be great, we did the same with both season 1 and 2. Gotta try Telltales game if the series sometime, I’ve only heard good things about that game. Maybe I’ll get it if it’s ever released on disc for PS3 here in Sweden/Europe.

Project on the way!

This weekend has been a great one actually! Me and Elden finally got started on our lite “movie” project. I’m still keeping it a secret, but we are pleased so far and we’ve had a blast with it.
And we hope you all will enjoy it too, when we finally show it. I don’t want to say anything, because I want it to be a surprise and keep people from judging it beforehand. If this is received well, we’ll continue to make more. Well to be honest, whether is is received well or not, we’ll still do more. And another, and another until you learn to like it! Hehe, just kidding folks. But I’m hoping I’ll be able to share it with you all shortly, we got a lot of work on one it. So perhaps I can have something to show next week. No promises, but as I said. I’m hoping. =)

Not much other stuff going on I’m afraid. Well I’ve started to replay Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, its the only game in the series I haven’t finished yet. And I’m hoping to clear it before Disagea 4 arrives, because that game will be getting my full attention. And I keep hearing more and more good stuff about Xenoblade Chronicles! Goddamn I want that game!! So many games coming out now, how the hell are you supposed to find the time to play everything? Yeah, you have to pick the games you wanna play, but when so many AAA-titles are coming out at the same time you really want to play them all immediately.

What are you looking forward to mostly right now? My top three list at the moment is as follows:
Batman Arkham City, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and Saints Row The Third. No surprised there I guess, but goddamn! I can’t wait to get my greedy lite mittens on those games! I think I’ve mentioned this before also, but I’m very much looking forward to the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.
I’ve been dreaming about replaying MGS3 in HD. So I hope it will be a nice experience and its gonna be fun to see if the game is as good as I remember it.

Sony’s E3 2011

Just finished watching Sony’s E3 conferance. And I’m tired as hell now. I’m not used to be up this late. But either way it was pretty okay, was hoping for more stuff actually. But Uncharted 3 and Sly Cooper Thieves in Time where nice! And I got more interested in the Playstation Vita, their new portble console.
I’m also getting the God of War Origins Collection. All in all a pretty goof show, its gonna be interesting to watch Nintendos show later today.
But damn! I really need to start saving for a PSVita! I really need to play Uncharted Golden Abyss.