Darksiders II, Death cool, game meh!

And so I’ve beaten Darksiders II. I can’t say it has been very enjoyable, well some parts of the game where. But the first Darksiders is so much better in my opinion.
I like Death as a character he is awesome and what a voice! I could listen to him all day! Especially his annoyed/pissed/tired voice, it is so damn awesome! I really love that. The game in itself is much more boring than the first one, better bosses, better world.
Better interactions with characters. Yeah, I like just about everything in the first game more than in Darksiders II. And that’s a damn shame, since Darksiders II was one of my most anticipated titles. It was pretty nice to see Samael in this game, to get a taste of his powers. The worlds are to big for its own good, there are so many places that are empty. And I liked the style of the first game much, much more. Even if the “World of Warcraft” artwork look alike is pretty nice, but it becomes a bit too much after a while.

Death... Comes to us all...

And I fucking hate “The rule of three”. You go to a dungeon, you need to get three items to move on. And then you repeat that for just about the entire game. And the last boss was a joke, I was expecting more. A second form perhaps? But no… This is not the game I had hoped for and I am very disappointed, if there will ever be a Darksiders 3 I sure hope they do it more like Darksiders one than two.

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