Weekend will be nerdy

Damn I am tired. I started working with a new client at work and we have to get up early to go there. So this week is my “start working early” week, next week are regular working hours. It’s a good place I like it there, but damn I am tired. Haven’t played anything this week because of tiredness. Not packed anything either preparing for my move, gotta do that next week.
Sure I still have a lot of time, but if I just sit around and wait doing nothing that time will soon be all up. God! I am so looking forward to moving, get to a better quiet neighborhood.

Now this upcoming weekend I am going to Malmö, it’s the SCI-FI convention! Been looking forward to that for a year now. Gonna take a lot of pictures again. Lance Henriksen will be one of the guests this year, he is awesome and has a cool voice. Gonna be awesome.

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