Darksiders! First game of the year finished!

And now I finished watching the end credits to Darksiders! Damn, what a great game. It really turned out better than would have dared to hope. It really is like a Darkish Zelda game with a big of God of War‘s combat system.
War is a pretty cool character and I want to see more of his quest for revenge. I’m not sure what more I am to say about the game. Go out and buy it! If you’ve been looking for a good adventure game in Zelda style, this is perfect for you.

I’m going to continue to get some stuff I missed in the game. Like life-shards & wrath cores. Think of them as Hearts and Magic containers. Then I’m going after some of the trophies I’ve missed in the game, when I’m done with that I’m going to put this game to rest for a bit. I will be replaying it on the hardest difficulty too, to get that trophy. But that will come when I have an HDTV. Well probably. Perhaps I’ll go trough it again before that, that all depends on what I feel like doing.

I really hope the rest of the year will be filled with games just as good as this one. This is the first time (that I can remember) a year has started of with a really good game. With games as White Knight Chronicles and Final Fantasy XIII on my own list. I sure hope they will live up to my expectations

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  1. Congrats on the completion. :)
    I sure hope FF XIII will be mindblowing as well. But first I wish to complete Dawn of the New World. If only work will let me. ;P

  2. @ Lania:
    Thank you. Yeah, I sure hope so too. I’m really looking forward to FF XIII, but first there is White Knight Chronicles which I’m really hoping for as well.
    Hope you can get some free time soon, I’m really happy for you that you have energy to game again.

    I really do know how it feels when you have no energy to play games or simply not in the mood. But when you get back info it, its one of the best things ever.
    Take care. ^^

  3. Yeah the game really is “teh win” , I really enjoyed it, great game. I didn’t get all the life or wrath parts though, I’ll be more thorough next time through. There will come a sequel right? It must!

    My next stop will be Bayonetta and Army of Two, after it will probably be Mass Effect 2 then I will probably play Demon’s Souls.

  4. @ Christoffer Radsby:
    I sure hope they really make a sequel! It can’t end the way it did!

    I’m looking forward to read if you are going to write about Army of Two.
    I just saw, you had posted about Bayonetta. I’m gonna read that later. =)

  5. Thank you, Micke!!

    Just notice that i miss my banner logo or text. I will fix it. But the most important, its more orginazed (spell?)

    I like your design. Its easy so seperat your post. And perfect text size and well written.

    “Darkish Zelda game with a big of God of War’s combat system”

    So cool. Soo me! I must have this game, i mixed it up with a another crap game. Dark as hell. Evil has a new face.. Its my next buy. Couldnt preorder GOW 3 today, i will import it..

  6. @ Palaxih:
    Oh, now that you mention it. You did seem to miss the banner.
    I just thought it wouldn’t load. Yeah, its a lot more organized now.

    Aww, thank you. :D

    Yeah, its really good. Best game I’ve started a year with ever!
    I guess I’m going to import GOW 3 also, but it will have to wait. So many other games I want before that one. >.<

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