Deadpool, Darksiders and a secret

It has been while since my last post, been busy with my work. We’ve had some extra stuff to do because of some of my work buddies still are on vacation. But they should all be back on this upcoming monday, so I am glad everything will return to normal.

I’ve been reading a lot of Deadpool comics, god I love Deadpool. Without a doubt one of my favorite comic characters, was going to write heroes but that wouldn’t be right. Just as it wouldn’t be right to call him a villian. He is just awesome! Very, very awesome. I am so looking forward to the Deadpool videogame. And when we are on the subject of games I am hyped for Tuesday. Since Darksiders II will finally be released, I am gonna hurry home from work so I can play it.

Last but not least I have started a new video project, it will be a fan trailer. That’s all the info I am willing to part with right now. Since I haven’t gotten all the stuff right yet and if everything falls into place I hope I’ll have the video finished in no time, or soonish at least.
Hoping this turns out well, if it does it will be the first of my trailers I will have finished. If I blow it with this trailer I will what I was trying to do.

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