Darksiders II, Death cool, game meh!

And so I’ve beaten Darksiders II. I can’t say it has been very enjoyable, well some parts of the game where. But the first Darksiders is so much better in my opinion.
I like Death as a character he is awesome and what a voice! I could listen to him all day! Especially his annoyed/pissed/tired voice, it is so damn awesome! I really love that. The game in itself is much more boring than the first one, better bosses, better world.
Better interactions with characters. Yeah, I like just about everything in the first game more than in Darksiders II. And that’s a damn shame, since Darksiders II was one of my most anticipated titles. It was pretty nice to see Samael in this game, to get a taste of his powers. The worlds are to big for its own good, there are so many places that are empty. And I liked the style of the first game much, much more. Even if the “World of Warcraft” artwork look alike is pretty nice, but it becomes a bit too much after a while.

Death... Comes to us all...

And I fucking hate “The rule of three”. You go to a dungeon, you need to get three items to move on. And then you repeat that for just about the entire game. And the last boss was a joke, I was expecting more. A second form perhaps? But no… This is not the game I had hoped for and I am very disappointed, if there will ever be a Darksiders 3 I sure hope they do it more like Darksiders one than two.

Darksiders 2

We’ll finally be getting some info on Darksiders 2 soon! I can’t wait! It was one of my favorite games of 2010 and I’m buying the second one as soon as its released. The reason I’m posting is that they have released one piece of artwork from Darksiders 2. And if the artwork is any indication of the second game, you’ll be playing as
brother Death in this game. And that is something I’m looking forward to!
I’m also hoping we’ll learn something of the two remaining
Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Now we just have to sit back and wait for the information to be released in GameInformer’s July issue. It can’t come soon enough I’m hope this game will turn out just as good as the first one, at least that I can enjoy it as much as the first one.