Penny Arcade!

So I’ve been playing Penny Arcade Episode 2 on my PS3 the last couple of days. Just finished the game a short while ago.
Same dark humor as the first episode. I like! But it seems the humor is a bit more for adults this time, sure it was so in the first episode also but even more now. I think this episode felt much shorter than the first one sadly, don’t know it actually is shorter. The only thing I’ve really got to complain about it that both episodes are about useless to play if you own a SDtv, the text is hard to read, graphics looks messed up from time to time. So if you want the games, wait until you have an HDtv. I’m not sure I will buy an episode 3 if it ever comes. I’ve liked the two previous games, but they where pretty much the same game. I wanted to see a few new things. So we’ll see…

Darksiders! Do fucking want!

I’ve finally found a new game to look forward to. Darksiders. People have said its very Zelda-like, in the way it plays. Visiting dungeons the same way. That’s what I’ve heard. Don’t know if its true, but it has me hyped. And I really like the idea of playing as one of the 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse.


XSEED Games has just announced that they are releasing the PSP remake of Lunar Silver Star Story in the US! This is the most awesome news I’ve heard in awhile! Honestly I’m super hyped. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete for Playstation 1 was the game that made me love RPGs. So of course it holds a special place in my heart.
I love that game, I truly do. And I’m getting this remake ASAP. I must have it.

Final Fantasy XIII demo

Thanks to Crying Scum member at loading. I was able to try the
Final Fantasy XIII demo. It was really nice! And can’t wait for the full version of the game now. I’m more hyped for the game now. And tomorrow I’ll be collecting inFamous from my local Gamestop. And hopefully Cross Edge will arrive on friday.
I really hope Videogamesplus will be shipping the game today…
Will update with that later!

Wolverine has been tamed

Just got finished with The X-Men Orgins: Wolverine game. The ending credits just passed by. A pretty good game. But I’m sorta glad I didn’t buy it, as I said its good and all but it has its flaws. Sometimes the damn camera its so stupid. Its like it got a fucking life of its own. You can almost never have the camera the way you want. It always seems to get in the way. Both Logan/Wolverine and Victor/Sabertooth look great in the game, but Kayla (Logan’s girlfriend in the movie) looks like shit! And the same goes to every other character that’s not a “main character” so to say. The exception being Raven Darkholme. Other than that the game is pretty good, the action is good. Its bloody, the part I like most about the game.
The cinematic movies in the game are wicked awesome! This is without the thing that has gotten the most attention of the game. Some of the movieclips that feature Logan look so real. That I sometime have a hard time knowing it its really CG or not.
Don’t know what more to say. The game all in all was fun to play. I will probably play it again if my friend Elden will lend it to me again.

Well at least I’ve got my hands free to be able to play Mana Khemia now without any disturbance from other games. So that’s how I’ll spend the rest of my tuesday and probably all the day untill Cross Edge arrives.
Now its time for bed! Goodnight you all!

Preordered inFamous

Somedays you just find things that make you happy. I checked out my giftcard from GameStop and saw I still had some cash on there. I thought I had used it all up. Well this was a pleseant sureprise.
So I visited my nearest GameStop today. And preordered inFamous for PS3. Well it was only possible thanks to their preorder deals.
Trade in 3 games for a preorder game + get 100SEK on your giftcard.
(Well at least in Sweden its so.) So I used my card to buy 3 cheap preowned PS3 games and traded them in right away, to get inFamous. A good deal for me. So thanks to that I lost little money on my giftcard, but got some of it back and a new game waiting for pickup. All this without me having to spend “real” money. I would have preordered Batman instead, but yeah… Its deleayed. -.-

Will try inFamous demo..

Thanks to Oskar Skog @ & Nordisk Film, who gave out codes so that I and a few more people could download the demo of inFamous. So I’m going to try that in a while if my internet connections works. So hopefully I’ll enjoy it and look forward to the game even more! I’ll post back with some impressions later.

EDIT: The game was pretty good. But it seemed a bit hard. Perhaps because I’m not all that used to games like this. But it was pretty fun. So I’ll guess I’ll keep my preorder for it. If I don’t like the full game I can always trade it. But I really liked to be able to use lightning powers, I’ve always liked them. Hope Cole (main characters name) gets a lightning upgrade that can fry normal enemies… That would be so hot!