Shockwave’s got the touch

For those of you who don’t know, if you preorder Transformers War for Cybertron at GameStop (US). You’ll get Shockwave as a downlodable character. I wonder if the same will be offered in Sweden? If you are an old Transformers fan, I think you’ll enjoy this. If you aren’t then you’ll probably not see anything particular in this trailer. Either way, I just needed to post this. God I’m looking forward to this game.

Till All Are One!

If you where born in the 80s and had a good childhood, you certainly know where that quote comes from. But I’ll tell you in case you are a few of those people who have no clue. Its one of the most popular sayings in Transformers! Yes, Transfomers the robots in disguise! The film will soon have premier and I can’t just wait! God! The wait is killing me! So I just needed too make a video! I just had to do something that was Transformers related! Well folks here it is!

Transformers – Till All Are One!