My ThunderCats 2011 intro HD

In November of 2011 I made my own intro to the newest ThunderCats series. Now I am back with the same intro, with some minor stuff changed in it and some added sound effects in it.
And last not not least, it’s now available in HD. But wait there’s more! This time there are no logos from the network it aired on, so it’s a clean HD version of my original ThunderCats opening. Hope you’ll enjoy this too, and I might have one more ThunderCats related video in the making. But we’ll see it it turns into something or I’ll move on to something else.

My ThunderCats 2011 intro

Its been a little more than three years since I last made a video, man time sure flies. It hasn’t felt that long… Now I’m back with my take on a ThunderCats 2011 intro, It’s somewhat based on the original intro. There have been others who have made intros like this, but this is my take on it. And a big thanks to RazorDave for being awesome and allowing me to use his version of the ThunderCats theme for my video. Click his name to visit his YouTube channel.

The Powerful God Hand

As some might know Sony has started to offer a few Playstation 2 games on PSN. For now it is only up on the American PSN store. One of the games they have is Capcom’s classic God Hand. An okay game but pretty nice humor. I’ll be getting it later, for now I wanted to share my music video I made for the game a few years back. Hope ya’ll enjoy it. Or you might get your ass kick to the milky-way.

Fire in the car!

I was half asleep when I was woken by a bang, not really giving it much thought I tried to sleep again. About 30seconds later I decided to check outside my window and I see a car on the parking lot burning. I was shocked. I still am, in fact. I filmed a bit of it and uploaded it here, so now you can hear my lovely voice. :P
I’m talking with my parents on the phone I’m not crazy, just saying a bunch of random stuff. And the fire started around 22.00. Just about an hour ago now, I suck at the whole AM and PM thing so it will have to do.

Kristianstadsbladet: Brand på Näsby

Judith, the sexy Krityan!

I’m back with a new vector! Its been ages since I’ve uploaded anything.
Well according to my DeviantART account its been a bit over a year, but now finally I have something to post again. Something I’ve been working on for some time, its Judith from Tales of Vesperia!

The base for this vector comes from a screenshot from the Playstation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia.
Where she is sporting a black bikini, rawr! I think Judith is super hot! But then again I like elven type girls, they really get to me. Must be DEM EARS!

I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to work on more Tales of art, since I’m a fan of the series. I have something that is kind of an ongoing project concerning a certain Tales of female. I’m hoping I can finish that vector sometime too.
Just click the image and follow the link to my DeviantART page, where you can download a much bigger version of this picture. I guess you’ll like it!

The newest vector! Princess Theodora!

So tonight I finished the picture I was currently working on.
This time its a vector from the anime/manga series,
Mahou Sensei Negima!?
And the character I vectored is Princess Theodora! I almost fell in love with her.

Beautiful blond hair, nice dark skin and green eyes. Yummy! This one took some time but it was worth it. I didn’t vector all the details, because I couldn’t see all.
There are two small hair pieces missing, but I’m still very pleased with how it turned out. It doesn’t ruin the picture, thankfully. Click on the image to head over to my DeviantArt page to check it out in bigger size. I’ll hope you’ll enjoy it.
If ya do, please comment the picture. I would like to hear what you think.

My KOS-MOS vector, done!

So I’m finally done with my vector image of KOS-MOS. As soon as I got home from my friend, I continued work with this.
And I’m really pleased at how it turned out. You can see the original post I made about this vector here.

I skipped on making her chocker, since it turned out to be a bit hard for me. So I just went ahead and finished the picture without adding it. And I’m still very pleased with how the picture turned out. Hopefully I’m better by the next vectors I make, so I can add it to future pictures.

If you want a bigger picture of this I recommend heading over to my DeviantArt page and get it there. Its much bigger than the little preview I have here on the site. So if you really want to see how the picture turned out, head over there. I would also appreciate if people would comment, so I know what to improve or just to hear what you think.

So looking forward to hear what people think, since its what motivates me to continue doing work like this. Can’t wait to get started on my newest vector, or perhaps I should try and finish some of the old ones I have. Well for the bigger version of this vector, get it here!